RCCG Calls For Urgent Overhaul Of Judicial Sector In Nigeria

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The Redeemed Christian Church of God, RCCG,  has called for more investment in the Nigerian justice sector, adding that the current backlog in access to justice can be resolved through a multifaceted approach.
According to the church’s national supervisor, Pastor Sunday Akande, while speaking at the Prison and Hospital Pastoral Conference on Sunday, revealed that the lack of a fair hearing, the ongoing adjournment and his inability to meet the bail conditions led many to waste their productivity. years in correctional facilities.

Pastor Akande, who is represented by Pastor Akin John, attributes the disintegration of the country to the failure of the family system.


He said this is the cause of a large number of children in detention centers and correctional centers.

His words:

“There is a need to improve the training and capacity building of judicial personnel including judges, lawyers, and court clerks. This can help to improve the quality of justice and reduce the number of appeals, which can also contribute to delays.

“When I was young, the moment my parents threatened to report me to my teacher, I would become terrified. Teachers are very strategic in the development of a child, but when it gets to a point where parents will go and slap teachers for disciplining their children, then we miss it.

“When you miss the training you are supposed to get at primary and secondary school, you miss everything in life because these are formative stages. Sadly, Remand Homes for Boys and Girls are filled with children, and this calls for a serious look into family values.

“I call on the parents to please give attention to the well-being of their children, as you will see in these Homes, boys and girls that are about nine years old are already hooked on drugs and have become hardened criminals due to parental neglect.

“We also call on the church to intensify prayers and continue to organise programmes for children. In this area, I know that RCCG is doing great, and we appreciate our Mother-in-Israel, Pastor Folu Adeboye for her passion in this area.”

Corroborating his views, The Police Area Commander, Agodi, Ibadan in Oyo State, Dr Taiwo Kasumu called for an increase in the number of judges and courtrooms across the country to help reduce the backlog of cases.

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Kasumu said:

“The country also needs to invest in modern technology, such as electronic case management systems and digital court reporting, which can help streamline the legal process and reduce delays.”

On his part, the National Chairman of the RCCG Prison and Hospital Ministry, Pastor Ariyo Popoola, disclosed the several interventions made by the church in some correctional facilities across the country including assisting indigent people in paying their hospital bills.

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