2023 Guber: Ogun’s Labor Party candidate joins PDP’s Adebutu 

The Labor Party candidate for the February 25 House of Representatives election in South Abeokuta, Tolulope Philips,  joined the Ogun State People’s Democratic Party (PDP) gubernatorial candidate, Ladi Adebutu, ahead of the election. Election March 11th.

Philips said the Ogun Center Labor Party will vote for the PDP in the state gubernatorial election.

While receiving Adebutu at his campaign office in Abeokuta, the LP candidate ordered his supporters and the people of Ogun to go out on Saturday and vote for the PDP.

According to him, this became necessary because the LP does not have a candidate for governor of the state.

He said Adebutu is seen as the most reliable of all Ogun’s gubernatorial candidates, saying his support for the PDP leader is aimed at ensuring that democratic returns will reach everyone. Philips, who lost the House election to Progressive Congress (APC) candidate Afolab Afuwape, said:
“The Labor Party has no candidate for governor. What we want in Ogun is progress. Don’t consider Saturday,  consider the consequences. I haven’t recovered anything from the PDP yet. I am doing this because I want to get the benefits of democracy for our people in Ogun State. We must not allow our state to continue like this.

Speaking, Adebutu appreciated the LP contestant assuring the people of Ogun they would be relieved if he showed up.

The governor candidate also revealed that his mission is to build the Ogun State that the people have longed for.

I said:
“We want relief for Ogun State. We seek to build the Ogun State of our dreams. Let’s get rid of these thieves. All of our Labor Party, you won’t regret voting for the PDP.

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