Peter Obi Is Not Signatory To Campaign Account – Aisha Yesufu Lectures Olunloyo

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During the recently concluded Nigerian presidential election, Aisha Yesufu, one of the key figures on Peter Obi‘s presidential campaign committee, punished self-proclaimed investigative journalist Kemi Olunloyo for fabricating evidence against the Labor Party’s presidential candidate.
Through a tweet, Kemi claimed that Mr. Obi’s arrest in the UK on the eve of Easter was linked to alleged illegal money transfers made during the recent election.

Ms. Kemi went on to say that Mr. Obi had sole control over the funds donated by supporters during the election and that even Yusuf Datti, his running mate, was unaware of the transfers. to and from the account.

This statement by Kemi became popular among APC and Tinubu supporters as they tried to spread the story by retweeting and sharing tweets.

But in response to Ms. Kemi’s request, Aisha Yesufu denied the claim that Obi was the sole signer on the campaign account. According to Ms. Yesufu, neither Mr. Peter Obi nor Mr. Datti signed the campaign account. She added that the people who signed the campaign account were her (Aisha Yesufu), Mr. Datti’s candidate, and one other person, a total of three. A total of two Muslims and one Christian signed on to Mr. Peter Obi’s campaign account.


One can’t help but wonder where Kemi Olunloyo and other APC supporters get reports that Obi is handling campaign funds alone. Or Mr Obi’s ordeal has something to do with money laundering as the UK government, through the Home Office, has refused to state why Obi is being detained in its official response to the official investigation. Premium Times.


This is why British intelligence is looking into Obi’s activities because Obi used his presidential campaign to launder a lot of money, during which only Obi controlled the campaign funds. Even Datti, his deputy, was not allowed to touch any of the money.

Thank goodness the man running the one-man show did not become the president of Nigeria.

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