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“People In The Black Community Don’t Trust You”

“People In The Black Community Don’t Trust You”

Host Sunny Hostin called out the criminal justice reform advocate for allegedly betting on both sides of the political coin with his Trump praise.

Aside from the rumors floating about regarding his alleged relationship with Kim Kardashian in the wake of the reported divorce news between the cosmetics mogul and Kanye West, Van Jones is known as a respected political commentator. He works diligently advocating for criminal justice reform, and it’s reported that he partnered closely with the Trump administration on such efforts. However, there have been moments that have caused many in the Black community to question Jones’s decisions and he’s stood accused of being an opportunist.Van Jones, Trump, Sunny Hostin, The View

The CNN commentator visited The View earlier today (February 5) and was confronted by host Sunny Hostin about his reputation. “You do spend a lot of time threading the middle and trying to unite people, but there are those that really accuse you of being a political opportunist, a chameleon so to speak who provided a racial cover for former disgraced, twice impeached President Trump,” said Hostin before she read off a quote by Jones praising the former president.

Then, she mentioned that Jones cried during President Joe Biden’s recent inauguration where he stated it is “easier to be a parent now” and “character matters now.” Hostin added, “People in the Black community don’t trust you anymore.” Jones disagreed and explained his Trump quote, but his appearance quickly went viral as Hostin was praised for her direct approach.

The response was overwhelming as people denounced Jones’s partnership with Trump, but those who still support him believe he was doing what was necessary to help the Black community. Watch his segment and read through a few responses below.

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