Afaka Students Were Sexually Molested By Gay Bandits

Afaka Students Were Sexually Molested By Gay Bandits

Afaka Students Were Sexually Molested By Gay Bandits

The 27 students of the federal college of forestry mechanism, otherwise known as Afaka 27 who recently regained freedom from bandits captivity were Sexually molested.

Some of the male victims were homosexuality molested and disfigured by the bandits while in their captivity.

A parent who spoke to our Correspondent in tears said it’ll take some of the victims’ students donkey years to put the inhuman treatment and abuse behind them.

The responsible looking woman who could not reveal the identity of her child lamented that even the male students were seriously molested sexually.

“You know what, from what they said, you cannot say no to them.

On daily basis they were having sex with the male and female students of their choice even with severe injuries been sustained”, she regretted.

She continued with rolling cheeks, that:-

“You need to hear from them.

It’s pitiful and an experience that nobody would like to share. Some of them said they prefer to cease to exist at a point.

They were taking them out one after another without their conscience and using them. But we thank God,”, she lamented.

It would be recalled that the Afaka 27 students spent over 56 days in captivity with hard labour and set free last week.

Although, none of the victims’ students confirmed the allegations of sexual molestation, during interviews with journalists in the college premises when released.

Commissioner of internal security and Home Affairs Mr. Samuel Aruwan had stated the students would undergo thorough medical checkup before being released to their parents.

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Afaka Students Were Sexually Molested By Gay Bandits

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