Presidential election: Peter Obi winning FCT raises questions about possible run off

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Presidential Election Peter Obi

There has been speculation across Nigeria that the 2023 presidential election could end in a constitutional crisis.

With most of the results of last Saturday’s presidential election already announced, it seems likely that Progressive Congress (APC) presidential candidate Bola Tinubu will receive the most valid votes.

Tinubu will also get at least 25% of the vote in at least 24 federal states.
But the 1999 Constitution says that there are 24 states and the Federal Capital Territory (FCT).

This has led to different interpretations.  The FCT results showed APC at only 19.8% and Atiku Abubakar of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP)  at 16.1%, compared with Peter Obi of the Labor Party, who got 61%.

Attorney Kwami Adadevoh, who has practiced law in Nigeria, Ghana, and the UK, told PRESLOADED: “There’s no run-off”

“The other two (Tinubu and Atiku) won 25% in 24 states.

“FCT is not a state. On the other hand, the reading you apply would require that even if someone won 25% in 36 states but didn’t win 25% in Abuja, that person didn’t win. “Therefore, we should expect INEC to announce the winner.

“I’m sure tomorrow,” Adadevoh replied.

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