INEC uploaded Jigawa results on iREV portal as Imo results – PDP

The People’s Democratic Party (PDP) of Imo State on Tuesday revealed that the results of Jigawa State have been entered into Imo State and transmitted to the iREV portal by the Independent National Election Commission (INEC) on Sunday. Sunday, February 26, 2026.

The PDP alleges that INEC in Imo swapped entered results with authentic results from three other local government areas, notably Aboh Mbaise, Oguta, and Ehime Mbano, where the PDP won more than 80% of the total. votes.

The opposition party revealed this in a statement signed by Collins Opurozor,  Publicity Secretary provided to DAILY POST in Owerri, Imo State.

The statement read: “Creating false results for places where elections are not taking place is the first step. Elections in the tube, Agbobu, Umuowaibu, Aku, Umulolo, Ogii, and Amuro wards of the Okigwe LGA did not take place. However, representatives of Senator Uzodinma received election documents for the regions from Imo State INEC Resident Electoral Commissioner, Professor Sylvia Agu.

“The result was written in favor of APC. These fake results were accepted and published by the very corrupt and dirty state INEC headed by Professor Agu. In the history of Nigerian elections, INEC has never treated us so poorly!

“The worst occurred in three additional Local Government Areas, specifically Aboh Mbaise, Oguta, and Ehime Mbano, where PDP won by more than 80% of the total votes cast. Jigawa State results were brought into Imo State, where this morally bankrupt INEC replaced them with the real results from the polling places spread across these three LGAs. On Sunday, February 26th, 2026, the Jigawa findings were subsequently sent to iREV Portal.

“By the time it got dark on Sunday, February 26th, the following voting units in Aboh Mbaise LGA had been replaced with results from Jigawa State:
Community School Okwu Na Akuwa, Community School Ndigbo, Community School Egbelu, Umumbie Hall, Umunobi Umuoshi Village Hall, Umuorobara Hall, Egbelu Ndiegbo Hall, Umuaghara Hall, Umueke Hall,

“In Ehime Mbano LGA, Isi Orie Primary School, Umuopara-Ama Hall, Umuezeala Offor Hall, Obom Umuako Square, Secondary School Umuezeala-Ama, Ukwuegbu Umuaro Hall, Ukwuobu Umuezeala Ogwara C/SUmuagba/Umuoba Hall, Community School Umuezeala-Ama, Umuduru Aro Square 1, Umuduru Aro Square 11, and Isi-Afor Primary School were polling units where Jigawa results were also uploaded and transmitted.

“This same fraud happened in Oguta LGA. For Orsu and Oru East, and most parts of Orlu LGA where elections were never held at all, results from Jigawa State were similarly uploaded onto the INEC Server, while their authentic result sheets delivered to Imo APC by INEC for the second phase of the fraud. In Njaba LGA, the INEC election official, who refused to give in to threats from APC agents to do the same, was kidnapped and nearly murdered. Because

At Ehime Mbano LGA, Isi Orie Primary School, Umuopara-Ama Hall, Umuezeala Offor Hall, Obom Umuako Square, Umuezeala-Ama High School, Ukwuegbu Umuaro Hall, Ukwuobu Umuezeala Ogwara C/SUmuagba/Umuoba Hall, Umuezeala-Ama Community School, Umuduru Aro Square 1, Umuduru Aro Square 11 and Isi-Afor Elementary School are polling stations where Jigawa results are also uploaded and transmitted.

“Oguta LGA was similarly cheated. The results of Bang Jigawa are also uploaded to the INEC servers for Orsu and Oru East, as well as much of the Orlu LGA, where elections have never taken place. Their initial score sheet is then given to Imo APC by INEC for the second stage of cheating. The INEC election official in Njaba LGA refused to comply with APC representatives’ threats to do the same and was kidnapped and nearly murdered. So far, elections in Njaba have remained inconclusive.

“In the final hours of Wednesday, the rewriting of results from Imo polling stations was completed by APC agents and INEC accepted them. After that, INEC in Imo began to cover their tracks, ignoring internet traces and many other damnable pieces of evidence of crimes against the will of the people of Imo and strange importation of foreign discoveries. Earth in Imo has been handled by us for sure. And on Thursday, March 2, INEC began deleting Bang Jigawa results previously uploaded to iREV as Imo results. In some cases, results written directly in Douglas House were uploaded to supersede Jigawa’s precedents. In other instances, no results were uploaded at all.

“For Mbaitoli LGA, there were no elections in about eighty-eight (88) polling units, while two (2) polling units in Owerri West and three (3) polling units in Owerri Municipal had no elections. This means that for Owerri’s senatorial district, elections were never held at polling units with a total number of collected PVCs placed at about forty-one thousand, three hundred and thirty-nine (41, 339). Yet, INEC went ahead to violate the clear provisions of the Electoral Act by declaring someone Senator-Elect even when the margin of lead between the so-called winner and the second person was less than thirteen thousand (13,000) votes. This is outrageous!

“Agents of the APC had finished drafting and rewriting the results from the Imo voting units by Wednesday night, and INEC had accepted them. At this point, INEC in Imo begins to hide its tracks, not realizing that we already have a lot of damnable evidence of crimes against the will of the people of Imo and the introduction of the results. foreign countries into Imo in a strange way, including traces on the Internet and many other pieces of evidence. documents. Then, on March 2, INEC started uploading results from Bang Jigawa that had previously been uploaded to iREV as Imo results. In some cases, results generated directly in Douglas House are displayed instead of Jigawa results. Other times, no results are displayed.

“There are no elections in about 88 polling stations for Mbaitoli LGA, while there are no elections in two (2) Owerri West and three (3) Owerri city polls. This indicates that there has never been an election in Owerri’s Senators District, with the total number of PVCs collected estimated at 41,339 (41,339). However, INEC went ahead and broke the obvious rules of electoral law by declaring someone an elected senator despite the fact that the gap between the so-called winner and the runner-up is less than 13,000 votes. It’s ridiculous.

“The Imo PDP unequivocally states that the INEC is in Imo, headed by the Professor. Sylvia Agu is now completely unfit to continue to arbitrate new state elections due to clear evidence of corruption, crime, and overt manipulation of the electoral process.

“Unfortunately, the INEC led by Professor Agu in Imo State has identified itself as the election rigging machine of the Imo APC. Professor Agu has pursued this smear campaign in a way that is particularly damaging to democracy and could cause social unrest, lawlessness, or even war in Imo State.  According to the Imo PDP, “Running for any election in Imo under this corrupt and politicized INEC and expecting the process to be free, fair, and transparent is nothing more than an illusion.

“Our side has received reliable information that INEC has sent the results sheet for the National Assembly elections this Saturday to the Imo State Government Building, where APC officials and INEC officials wrote the results. results and announce the APC candidates as the winner of the election. the election has not taken place.

“Therefore, the Imo PDP calls for the immediate removal of Professor Sylvia Agu from the position of Resident Electoral Commissioner of the Imo INEC State. All residents of Imo State must work together to maintain our democracy and Professor. Agu’s continued presence in the state is counterproductive to this goal. Imo State must remove it immediately!

“Furthermore,  to deter other dishonest INEC employees, our party calls on the appropriate security agencies to detain and prosecute Professor Agu in accordance with the requirements of the Election Law.”

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