A Building Contractor and father of two children ( Male and Female), Mr. Jude Steven has been declared wanted by men of the Nigeria Police, Agbor Divisional Headquarters, Boji-Boji, Delta State over his alleged fraud of Six Million, Two Hundred Thousand Naira (#6,200,000:00), a huge amount of money which a political leader, Hon. Johnson Ekome gave him for the building of his house.

Speaking with Ika Weekly Newspaper Journalist during an interview which took place on the 18th, November 2015, Mr. Sunday Okwu, who happens to be Jude Stevens’ Landlord in Boji-Boji town, said that he was relaxing in front of his house on the 2nd of November, 2015 when some men knocked on his door and he opened the door, they greeted him and demanded to see his Tenant, Mr. Jude Steven. He said he did not know that those men were armed robbers, but all he did was to take them to Jude’s apartment and went back to where he was relaxing.

According to him,” after some minutes, I started hearing some noises, arguments and others coming directly from Jude’s apartment. Before I knew what was going on, I just heard a gun shot. That was the time the armed robbers killed the little girl and took her father’s huge amount of money given to him for a building contract away,” he said.
Continuing, the Landlord disclosed that he was told that the #6:2 Million was given to Jude by one Hon. Johnson Ekome, one of the political leaders of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP), Ward 3, Boji-Boji Constituency to use it to pay workers and purchase some building materials for his ongoing building in the town. He said Jude could not go to the Bank to keep the money due to the fat that all Banks have closed as at the time Hon. Ekome brought the money to him.

He said after the incident, Hon. Ekome instead of sympathizing with Jude by giving him some time to put himself together, he started threatening his life, sending boys to beat him up and harassing him here and there. He noted that when the threats became too much for Jude to bear, he was left with no option, rather than to flee the town immediately due to the fact that Hon. Ekome and his Political Thugs were seriously after his life. He said that Jude had some injuries in his mouth the last time they came to attack him.

Speaking briefly with newsmen, Hon. Johnson Ekome said that, agreement is an agreement. He noted that what he agreed with Jude was that he should pay him the sum of #6:2Million for the building of his house, adding that what he told Jude’s family and friends who came to his house to appeal to him over the lost of the money, was that Jude and his entire household will be murdered just like the way their four years old daughter was also murdered in cold blood if Jude fails to complete his project or refund the money money he gave to him.

Also speaking with Ika Weekly, the DPO, Agbor Police Divisional Headquarters, CSP Albert Uchechi, said that he has assured Hon. Ekome that the Police will do their best to ensure that Jude is arrested. He used the medium to advise members of the public to always help provide the Police with reliable information that can lead to the arrest of Jude Steven, the wanted person.

As at the time of filing this report, all effort made to speak with Jude or any member of his family members was to no avail, as they have gone into hiding places for the safety of their lives. Meanwhile, Hon. Ekome has gone extra might, promising to pay a ransom of #1:5 Million to whoever that will help him to recover his money from Jude.

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