Gaining Spiritual Stature Part One Sermon Download

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Gaining Spiritual Stature Part One Sermon Download

One thing I know is that we are changing and rising from glory to glory. And a day will come when we will become fit to carry this banner of the kingdom across the nations. And in that day, we will not be small, the least among us will be as mighty as David.
Its always challenging when you are through the period of training, there is no comfort about training. You are built, equipped, trained, pruned. But when God is done with you, He will present you as a master piece.

When I began my walk with God, I knew from the first time that there was a difference between just being a nominal Christian (Sunday to Sunday christian, Bible study christian) and one who has a passion, a desire to seek the Lord and to pursue Him with everything. I saw what look like Christianity but I was not satisfied. And I knew that there had to be more.

So I began to explore, I read books of great men like Kenneth Hagin, I studied God’s generals, revival in a bid to find out that spiritual ingredient that is responsible for a life of fire. And I discovered a few things and I’ll be sharing some of them in this message. The first thing i discovered is that ma… You really need to listen to this powerful teaching!



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