Why Buhari Embarked On Spiritual Journey To Saudi Arabia – Presidency Breaks Silence

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The Presidential Delegation has revealed why President Muhammadu Buhari embarked on a spiritual journey to Saudi Arabia.
Buhari spokesman Garba Shehu said his manager had begun a spiritual journey to Saudi Arabia to thank Allah Almighty as he prepared to hand over to his successor, Bola Tinubu,  reports of NANS

Shehu said Buhari was in the Holy Land to thank Allah for the success of his eight-year administration.

Speaking to reporters about the significance of the president’s trip, Garba said, “Buhari was in the Holy Land to thank Allah Almighty for his eight years of successful service to his country.”

Along with several of his assistants, Buhari first went to Medina, where he visited historic religious sites, such as the International Fair and Museum of Biography of the Prophet and Islamic Civilization in the city as part of his commitment to the holy city.

While at the Museum, the President asserted that “spreading the true knowledge of the Islamic religion is the most important task facing Muslims in the world today.”


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