“I Can’t Refund Wike”, President Elect, Tinubu Says

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Bola Tinubu, the new president,  challenged his critics on social media to continue saying whatever they want on various online platforms because that is the culture of free speech.
Affirming that he could not commit to anything until he was sworn in as president, Tinubu informed Rivers Governor Nyesom Wike that he would not cover the cost of the overflights he had built. at Rivers.

Tinubu, at a party in his honor on Wednesday night, reviewed what he called the joke with Wike, noting that it received a lot of reaction on social media.

However, the former Lagos governor said there is no name he has not been called out on social media, saying he does not respond to criticism on social media.


His words:-

“I exchanged a banter with Gov Wike, if you take me seriously, (it’s left to you). The truth is, I’m a President-elect. I have no signature for expenditure until sworn in. How can I make a commitment? I cannot sign a dime of Nigeria money or expenditure now. There can only be one president at a time.

“If you ask me to go and commit to things that are mere expectations and cannot be fulfilled, I believe in fulfilling promises, that’s why I’m here. And we have to do it for Nigeria. I thank you all for the support you gave me during the election, but I’m still on a countdown.

“If I sign anything for you now and commit to it, I can’t pay. For that flyover, how can I pay, personal? That’s not realistic.

“I hope that clears the social media fears. I don’t respond to (social media talks). There is no name they’ve not called me on (social media). It’s a free speech society and around the world.”

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