Don’t Pick Senate President From The North – Isiguzoro Tells Tinubu

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One faction leader Ohanaeze Ndigbo has warned the president-elect, Bola Tinubu, not to choose the next president of the Northern Senate.
Okechukwu Isiguzoro, the group’s general secretary asked Tinubu not to choose a Senate president who would impeach him or join his detractors against his policies.

Isiguzoro made the appeal while stressing that a Christian from the Southeast should be allowed to become the president of the Senate in 2023.

Speaking to PRESLOADED, Director Ohanaeze said:

“We believe that the best thing APC should do at this moment is to allow a Christian to occupy the Senate Presidency since there is a Muslim-Muslim ticket in the presidency to balance the equation.

“Any attempt to give back the North to the Senate Presidency would sink the country.

“What we must do at this moment is a process of national healing, and the national healing is that of integration of the Southeast since the region has accepted APC for the first time and we know that the party will produce two governors at the end of the day.

“What we are saying is that the President-elect should do his homework very well; what we are afraid of is if he doesn’t do his homework very well, he might end up shooting himself in the foot.

“The president-elect should avoid shooting himself in the foot by picking the wrong Senate President from the Southeast; he should not pick someone that would impeach him or would be an opposition to his policies.”

He urged the Senate to amend its standing rules to allow a first-timer to become the Senate President under Tinubu’s administration.


“The Senate must amend the rule based on the necessity to allow a first-timer to become the president. If Akpabio can become a Minority Leader during his first term in the Senate then the Southeast should be given a free hand,”

He said.

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