Benue Man To Embark On Foot Journey From Makurdi To Abuja For Tinubu’s Inauguration

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Just a few weeks before the inauguration of the President-elect, Bola Ahmed Tinubu, a man identified as Comrade David Aper Nyor,  Benue Youth President revealed his intention to start a walking tour from Makurdi, Benue State in Abuja, came to witness the historic event.
Nyor, who hails from the state’s Konshisha LGA, revealed in an interview that he began his journey to express his joy ahead of the election of the president-elect and his party, the All-People’s Progressive Congress. set (APC).

In a statement, Nyor praised Sen, Barnabas Gemade, for his support and great contribution to Benue Youth Volunteers for Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu, Nyor praised Sen, Barnabas Gemade for promoting peace, unity, equality, fairness, and justice, clearly demonstrated by the Electoral Victory of the President-elect in the February 25 election in the State of Benue,

According to him, the trip to the street is a mark of honor and also to smear the evil ideology of those who he describes as “dark forces”, that Tinubu will not be inaugurated.

“When we started this journey, they said our President-Elect will not be given the party’s ticket (APC). After the primaries, they started agitating that the Muslim-Muslim ticket can not survive at the polls.

“While we went out on 25th of February to vote for the progressive renewed hope, they were busy making noise and planning to rigged elections, but God failed them.

“The decision to vote for our president elect, was not just a choice but a total decision of Nigerians because we believe in his competence and capacity to save the situation of our love country Nigeria.

“I will personally be honoring the inauguration of my president elect, as a volunteer. I will be trekking from Tinubu/Shetima campaign office in Makurdi to Abuja starting on the inauguration day, to honor the victory of Asiwaju,” Nyor revealed.

He said those having erroneous assumptions that Tinubu would not impact development are the true enemies of Nigeria who, he said, do not like the unity of the country at heart.

“I urge all patriotic citizens to join hands and make deliberate efforts In promoting good governance and securing a better government for all,” he stated.

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