Antonio Tarver Hits Jake Paul With A Challenge

Jake Paul has been making quite a name for himself as a boxer over the last few years as he currently boasts a record of 3-0 with his most recent victory coming against Nate Robinson. Paul was able to knock out Robinson with relative ease and since his big win, numerous big names have been trying to challenge Paul to a fight. At this point, Jake can fight against whomever he wants and he’ll have to pick his spots wisely, as he won’t want to suffer his first loss in an embarrassing fashion.

The latest fighter to challenge Paul is none other than former boxer Antonio Tarver. Tarver is currently 52 years old which means he is 29 years Paul’s senior. Regardless, while speaking to TMZ, Tarver noted that he can definitely give Paul a run for his money.

“If you want to get some legitimacy in the game, fight somebody with a name! I want to fight him, because I want to show him there are levels to this,” Tarver said before showing Paul some respect. When you look at Jake Paul’s ability, you would be crazy not to believe he’s much better than his 3-0 record indicates.”

While it remains to be seen whether or not Paul would take this fight, it would certainly be interesting to see him fight someone with actual boxing experience. Let us know who you think would win this matchup, in the comments below.


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