You Deserve To Be Exposed – LP Factional Chairman, Apapa Tackles Peter Obi

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Lamidi Apapa, faction leader of the Labor Party, LP, has vowed to discredit Peter Obi, the party’s presidential candidate in the last election.
On Wednesday, Apapa faced heated discussions about seating arrangements in court.

As he left the courthouse, he was greeted with boos and hats off by party supporters.

Apapa, who later spoke to the media, said Obi sided with Julius Auber, the LP president, who was expelled by the court.

Apapa also opposes receiving payments from other political parties in an attempt to sabotage the LP internally.

“On the allegation of bribe-taking, it’s not true. If you have evidence to prove, bring your evidence that I have collected money or we’ve collected money from anybody. It’s absolutely untrue,” Apapa said.

“On Peter Obi taking sides, I don’t want to expose him, but he deserves to be exposed. Some time ago, in one of the interviews he (Obi) granted, he said he did not know me at all.

“I have been trying to cover him, but he does not deserve it. The reasons are this: This is a man, during his primary in Asaba, I did the opening prayer.

“And I was not a young officer. I was the deputy national chairman of the party. I have been 21 years in this party. I have held a lot of positions in this party to the level I am today.

“Obi’s first campaign started in Benin. I was in Benin with him. And we used his aircraft from Benin back to Abuja–chartered plane.

“Not only that, when he came to Ekiti (Afe Babalola University), I led the team that hosted him in that campus. We were there for over two hours. I led the team to the palace. And he doesn’t know me?”

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