You can’t troll me for being fruitful – Nigerian woman says

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A Nigerian mother of two has slammed those mocking her for becoming pregnant just months after giving birth to her second child.

Jessica, a pregnant mother of two, recently announced that she is expecting her third child, just a few months after the birth of her second.

Celebrating her third wedding anniversary with her husband, Jessica, who welcomed a baby boy seven months ago, showed off her growing baby bump in photos that she shared on her Instagram page.

According to her, since she revealed her pregnancy, she has received so many negative texts and remarks.

“Do y ‘all feed my kids? So why pissed? Do I throw my baby away because some group of nobodies think it’s bad timing? Like why do y’all think you have any valid opinion over how my husband and I live? The most useless set of people be trying to give their 1cent when y ‘all don’t even have your life together. If you think just a mere nasty comments will bring me down I would advise you stop wasting your data cause me gan I get coconut head. I stand gidigba.

“I have blocked approximately 10 people already. My motto is; bad vibe …instant block, no response at all from me at all. Just blocking because you can’t troll me for being fruitful.” she added.” She wrote.


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