A 55-year old widow, Mrs. Cordelia Eseka from Idumuesah in Ika North East Local Government Area of Delta State has raised alarm over the whereabout of her first son, Eseka Jerry Chinedu.
Mrs. Cordelia Eseka expressed worries over her son’s whereabout while speaking with journalists at her residence in Boji-Boji Owa on Wednesday, August 9, 2017.
According to her, “Ever since the funeral of my late husband, Mr. Peter Eseka who died on May 10, 2016, life has not been the same with my children and I, especially my son, Eseka Jerry Chinedu. Indeed, things have fallen apart with us as members of the brotherhood of the Reformed Ogboni Fraternity (ROF) secret cult that my late husband belongs had turned the day into night for us. My husband’s brother, Mr. Eseka Chuka who also is a member of the brotherhood along with other members are after Eseka Jerry Chinedu’s blood because of his refusal to be initiated and succeed his late father”.
She revealed that at first, Mr. Eseka Chuka was the one sent by the ROF to approach Eseka Jerry Chinedu for initiation because as the first son he was said to be the rightful person to occupy his late father’s position. Continuing, she said, “My son Eseka Jerry Chinedu being a strong Catholic has refused to be initiated because of his Christian faith. The matter got heated up and my son who could no longer bear the trauma he was passing through in the hands of the Ogboni brotherhood went to the nearby Ugbaja Police station in Boji- Boji Owa, under the Owa-Oyibu Police Division, Owa-Oyibu to report the issue to them but the police made no good efforts to investigate the matter out of the fear that members of the brotherhood are influential and they may lose their jobs and their lives. This made my son to flee after members of Ogboni brotherhood have threatened to kill him for going against their rule”.
Mrs. Cordelia Eseka stated that her worry now is the whereabouts of Eseka Jerry Chinedu, (hoping he is still alive) which according to her has continue to cause her Blood Pressure (BP) to rise. She appealed to members of the public who have information on her son’s whereabouts to quickly reach her, praying also that God should keep him protected.
She concluded, “The Nigerian Police had failed in handling the matter because the members of the deadly Ogboni brotherhood cuts across who is who in the community and the country, thereby; they have influential power as they perpetrate their evil deeds unquestionable”.
Culled from Ika Weekly

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