Why I Did Not Collect Certificate Of Return – Femi Gbajabiamila

Femi Gbajabiamila, the speaker of the house, denied rumors that he would be the candidate for the post of chief of staff president-elect Bola Tinubu.
Femi revealed this to reporters at the State House yesterday after a meeting of the Radical Congress’s National Work Committee (APC) with the party’s new legislators.

Femi Gbajabiamila said he was in Lagos campaigning for the APC in the gubernatorial race when he failed to get his rebate certificate.

Femi said:-

“I don’t know anything about that chief of staff thing. All I heard was that I didn’t come here last week to pick up my certificate of return and for that reason, somebody conjectured that I must be in line for the office because I didn’t care about my mandate.

“I was in Lagos and I could not leave Lagos because I was campaigning for my party. That’s number one. Again, it will interest you to known that I was not here four years ago to pick up my certificate of return from INEC because I couldn’t make it. I don’t think it is anything significant. I’ll pick up my certificate today or tomorrow,” he said.

During a meeting with the party leadership, he said that “the meeting is intended to bring together the elected members, both in the Senate and the House of Representatives, to assure members that despite all difficulties against the party, we I could pass and we were able to congratulate everyone.

“On the issue on zoning, we did not talk about it because, we’ re not there yet. We have an election coming up this weekend. And we needed to make sure that everybody goes back home, roll up your sleeves, get your hands dirty. We’re not there yet so we need to compel the victory before we start talking about the leadership of the national assembly. The reason we didn’t discuss zoning is because we all agreed to tarry for a while until we finish the elections.

For his part, Senator Ali Ndume said the meeting ended well. Here’s what we expect from the party. We assessed our performance and also went home to make sure we held on to the win until the end. The people of Nigeria have spoken out and decided to vote for the APC and we have our usual ups and downs in every electoral process.

“The party appealed to NASS members-elect to play down the leadership issues and focus more on ensuring that we take the election battle to the end and that is to ensure that we win our states. So the party has charged us and agreed that interactions like these should be frequent to allow us go in the same direction to avoid bad experiences of 2015 and 2019.

“The issues of zoning did not come up. The Nigerian Government now is going to be the National Assembly government because the President, Vice President, Party Chairman and Secretary are all senators. So we are going to have a rancor-free relationship.

“What we agreed is the members of the National Assembly should produce their leadership, based on who they think is the best and also considering the issues at stake and putting in place justice, fairness and equity. The president-elect will at the appropriate time take his decision”, he said.

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