Whatsapp rolling out new group call feature: Enter a call even after missing, see how

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Whatsapp group new call feature

The WhatsApp group calls function has quickly become one of the platform’s most popular features. Since the Covid-19 outbreak broke out over the world, the instant messaging firm has made significant improvements to the group call feature. WhatsApp will soon add a new function to improve the user experience even further. Even if they have missed a group call, users will be able to rejoin it.
Joining missed WhatsApp group calls, earlier necessitated one of the participants on call to either to add the member who missed it or start a new call entirely. WhatsApp users will be able to see missed calls that are still active with the new functionality.
WhatsApp has announced that the joinable calls functionality will be rolled out from today. Additionally, the app has guaranteed that the new feature will in no way impair the security and privacy of end-to-end encryption.

Joinable calls eliminate the need to answer a group call as soon as it begins, bringing the spontaneity and ease of in-person conversations to WhatsApp group calling.


If a member of your group misses a call when it rings, they can still join at any time. A member can also leave and rejoin a group call as long as it is still in progress.
The company has also introduced a call info panel to provide more facts about the ongoing calls. This screen will show who is currently on the call, as well as who has been invited but has yet to join. You can also join later from the WhatsApp calls tab if you hit “ignore.”
Users who frequently participate in WhatsApp group calls with a large number of participants will benefit from the new feature. Both group video and voice calls will be supported by the new feature.

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