I took out time to examine some facts and I came up with alot of questions, what happens when I die? What happens to my flesh? What happens to my company? what happens to my degree? What happens to my achievements? what happens to my cars and luxury? what happens to my friends and family? then I came to realize that humans waste too much time on things that ends immediately we pass on… We get too busy with life and forget he who gave us the life, when you die what then happen to your spirit? Where would it go? Will it be ready for judgment? (Heb 9:27) why do we forsake God for things he created? He gave you a life and a spirit, why do you choose life and neglect the spirit? Our spirit lives forever even after life…
Don’t get it wrong, Hustling and creating impacts in life is very important, getting rich is important too (the richest man in history still remains KING SOLOMON – from the Bible) so there’s nothing wrong with been famous and successful, the point is don’t remove God from the equation.
So I challenge you this day, even as you invest in life, never neglect spiritual investment because that will determine where you’ll spend eternity when this life passes!

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