‘We’re Sorry’ – British Govt. Apologises To Peter Obi Over Illegal Detention

The British government has apologized to Nigerian Labor Party presidential candidate Peter Obi after immigration officials falsely admitted to giving him a detention note.
Officials arrested Obi for committing several alleged financial crimes only to discover he was impersonating him.

They also said the unappreciated treatment he received was “completely unacceptable” and issued a personal apology.

“Honestly, the immigration official’s actions – appalling – and we apologize for that,” the immigration agency apologized.

Recall that Obi was illegally detained and questioned by immigration officers for several hours at London’s Heathrow Airport on 7 April 2023. Obi-Datti’s director of communications, Diran Onifade, made the point in a statement released Wednesday.

Obi-Datti’s media office said the former Governor of Anambra has been unjustly detained for crimes allegedly committed by an impostor still on the run.

The statement adds that the impersonator can commit various crimes leading to the arrest of the standard bearer of the LP in the UK for copying.

The statement reads in part:

“The Presidential Candidate of the Labor PartyPeter Obi just back from London, United Kingdom where he celebrated Easter, has confirmed that he was harassed by London immigration officials and placed in detention but for the spontaneous reaction of Nigerians at Heathrow Airport.

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