Vredenburg cops deny they’re responsible for Jason Heyns’ death

Five police officers accused of beating to death a man who tried to resist arrest in Vredenburg are set to argue they did not cause his death.

The Louwville officers were granted bail of R1,500 by the Vredenburg Magistrates Court on Thursday.

They were arrested a week ago in connection with the death of Jason Heyns in October.

Defence attorney William Booth is representing all five police officers charged with using excessive force and beating a suspect to death.

Booth says Heyns was being sought on an armed robbery charge and argued Heyns had caused many of his own injuries.

“Witnesses say he knocked his head on a brick wall and floor at the police station”

Booth says this is the basis of their argument.

“In the cause of them performing their duties they did this properly but he tried to escape and even tried to jump through a window. this is evidence from independent witnesses. community members”

The case has been postponed to 27 January for further investigation.


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