Video Evidence Shows Okorocha Was Attacked By Uzodimma’s Men

Coming from the recent attack on the person of Senator Rochas Okorocha, former Governor of IMO State, there are new facts on what transpired at the scene of the attack.

Okorocha, who was seen in an emerging video clip provided to the media by his P.A., was seen questioning the nature of the attack on him and his aides when the visit was a normal routine check of his wife’s property.

In the video, Okorocha asked the security personnel to the premises when it was a court order for the invasion.


He was also in fear because the invaders were masked thugs. According to the video, an explanation from one of the security points to the fact that the invades were ordered from the government house in Owerri.

Soon after his comments, gunshots were heard from the background believed to be tear-gas fired by both the thugs and in-house security. That led to everyone scampering for safety.

Shortly after the fierce attack by the alleged thugs, some of his entourage were seen in a pool of blood from machete cuts including Okorocha’s in-law alleged to have inflicted on him by the thugs.

Senator Okorocha who was whisked out of the scene by his aides for safety was short of words as to what could warrant an unprecedented attack on him as a citizen inspecting his property.

Watch the video below where Hope Uzodinma boys were celebrating the same night after the attack on Rochas Okorocha:

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Recall that the property in question has been under investigation following a fall out by the new administration in Imo State government.

The estate has been under lock with security guards. According to reports, Okorocha who was in the state for a function decided to have a routine check at the estate hence, he claims, it still belongs to him.

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