A MAN and his Driver riding in a white Toyota Hilux van with Registration Number- BJK 527 AA, have been shot dead in Imo state. It was reported that the Men were attacked by Unknown Gunmen, while on their journey the Bullets Were Pumped through the Wind screen killing both Man and Driver.

The Current Trending video of the corpse of the Men showed the Body of the Boss lying Dead at the backseat of the car, voices from the background showed the Driver was still Alive but later Died.

Although the video stated that the incident took place in IHIALA Anambra state, it was also said that they were attack at AWO IDEMILII COMMUNITY IN ORSU LOCAL GOVERNMENT AREA OF IMO STATE. Which is the border town and the VICTIMS were rushed to Our Ladies of Lourdes Hospital, IHIALA.

The community called for identification of the corpse by the relative for burial. The Anambra State Police command had denied that no incident occurred in the state, but the Trending video stated that the incident happen in IHIALA Anambra state.

CSP HARUNA MOHAMMED in a press said thus “The Incident said no time and date so it is just misleading and creating tension in the state. “initial inquiring’s by the police command showed the incident had happened in AWO IDEMILI Community in ORSU Local Government Area of IMO STATE. Victims were confirmed dead by the Medical Doctor of “Our Ladies of Lourdes Hospital IHIALA”.

The Diversional Police Headquarters had since commenced Investigations concerning the incident.

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