UROMI- The whereabouts of two young men, Jolly Idahosa and Ujialele Ehis is unknown as the police have declared them wanted for gay activities.

These wanted young men were alleged to be involved in same sex activity with one Joseph Edo, who was allegedly shot dead by the police on April 20th, 2014.
An eye witness and neighbor to late Joseph Edo told Newsmen that Jolly Idahosa and Ujialele Ehis went to Joseph’s house, a neighbor to Joseph who lives in the next flat came to check for Joseph in his own apartment. When he entered the house, opened the door which the eye witness said was not locked and caught the three young men stark naked, as they were allegedly performing homosexual act.

It was also gathered that Joseph who is the owner of the apartment and the two gay partners offered the eye witness a huge amount of money and pleaded with him not to let anyone know about their abominable acts. He said that he accepted the offer initially, but later he changed his mind by letting the cat out of the bag, saying because homosexuality and other same sex activities are offensive and taboo in their culture as well as the Nigeria constitution.
In addition, he stated that he also made efforts to report the incident to the police custody at Uromi Police Division in Edo State. He noted that Jolly Idahosa and Ujialele Ehis are not residents of Uromi Community.
As at the time of filing this report, Jolly Idahosa and Ujialele Ehis were nowhere to be found as both of them have been declared wanted by the police.

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