The Mistaken Identity – S01 E11

The Mistaken Identity – S01 E11

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Christina had been shot by a cop after she resisted arrest and the video had gone viral, it was all over media.



According to the news, they were not sure yet if she was still alive since the bullet had penetrated her chest and she was put in an ambulance together with Sam and nobody knew where they were taken.



The cop who shot her was suspended from duty and arrested for more investigation due to public uproar. I could not hold back my tears due to guilt, I felt that it was all my fault that Christina got shot. I felt that I should have taken her with me or just stayed with her and wait for the cruel fate to befall upon us both.



Tears of bitterness were flowing down my cheeks like a little hungry baby crying for milk. I struggled out of the bed despite the aches and with the support and help of the wall, I got to the door. Immediately I unlocked and the door, I could not believe my eyes what I saw.

Immediately I opened the door, I met with Edwin Mwaura, my old neighbour, the guy who wanted to bang Christina.


“Edwin?!” I called out his name shocked as I struggled to support myself.


“Yes bro, it’s me. Am so sorry about everything man.” He replied.


“What are you doing here?” I asked.


“This is my brother’s house, he was the one who brought you here after he accidentally knocked you with his car.” Edwin replied.


“What’s your brother’s name?” I asked curiously.


“Teyie Bright… You look horrible bro, just let me help you get back to bed, you need some rest.” Mwaura said as he took me on his shoulder.


“I need to see Christina, I need to know if she is still alive.” I said.



Mwaura just gave me a sad face then ignored my statement and carried me back to the bed. He poured a glass of water for me from a dispenser near the table at the corner then sat beside me on the bed and said;


“I am sorry to be the one telling you this bro and I know it’s not the right time to tell you but Christina is no more. By the time she got to the hospital, her heart had stopped beating and the doctors tried to resuscitate her but it was all futile, the announced her death just a few minutes ago.”

That came as a slapping bad news to my face, I could not control my tears and emotions. I did not believe Mwaura’s words so I took the remote and switched on the TV, it was allover the news; Christina was gone never to come back but Sam was in a comma in the ICU.



I began being violent until Mwaura had to call Lizzie to come and sedate me so that I could sleep and calm down. Lizzie came with two guards and they pinned me on the bed and I was sedated.



When I woke up, there was a huge guy standing beside my bed. I slowly opened my eyes and looked at him timidly and scared; he smiled at me then asked;


“What’s your name boy?”

“Haman.” I replied in whisper.

“Am sorry Haman I knocked you with my car, it was not intentional.” The man said.



That was when I realized that he was Teyie Bright, Mwaura’s big brother. I got confused how Mwaura would be from such a rich family and live in a single room apartment, the cheapest apartments in town!



Teyie was a good man, he was kind and polite, I told him everything about me including why I was running and what I was running from then he smiled and left the room and said he would be back after sometime.



Mwaura came back with some fruits and poker cards. Before he moved out, we used to play poker with him outside my house so it was our favourite game. Before we began the game, I got curious about his lifestyle and decided to ask him the question which was bothering me in my head.

“Bro, I have something I need to ask you.” I said calmly.


“Anything bro, feel free to ask.” He replied.


“Why live in a single room apartment whereas you can afford to rent even a four bedrooms apartment?” I asked.

Mwaura just smiled and said;

“Ham, my entire life, I have been spoilt with everything I wanted. I would get everything I asked for and that made me one very spoilt brat. I would despise the poor until one day I came across a certain boy, he was in torn clothes. I was riding my bike in the streets when it failed to brake and I hit a tree. That boy was so kind to me, he took off his torn shirt and tied my injured leg then helped me go back home. He called one of his friends and told him to carry the bike. Out of their kindness, I was touched and moved by how readily the poor are willing to help while us the rich are so mean and selfish yet we have more than we need. I asked my parents to take those two boys back to school and today, one of them is in a law school and the other one is in a medical school. They became my good friends and when they were offered to come and live with us, they refused and said that their home was in the streets. My dad could not let them sleep in the streets so he gave them money to rent good houses in town but the two would rent a single room and then the extra money, they would go to the streets and buy food and clothes for the street kids. Their actions touched me and I decided to be like them so ever since then, my parents think I live in a very expensive house while am in school but I promised James and John that I would carry on with their amazing gesture of kindness. I would act like a Playboy just to give people something to talk about and that would keep them off from knowing who I really am. In case I saw like someone had began suspecting me or knowing my secrets, I would shift to another apartment and keep up the Playboy act just to hide my true identity.”

“I think I now know why you moved out.” I said calmly smiling.



“You are a smart guy Ham, it would take you few days to figure out whom I was so I had to move out. I knew you were in love with Christina but I was using her to keep u away from finding out my true identity but you were smarter than I thought so I had to leave.” Mwaura replied smiling.

“That reminds me I was to ask you, were you sleeping with all the girls you played that video game with?” I asked curiously….



To Be Continued

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