The Mistaken Identity – S01 E09

The Mistaken Identity – S01 E09

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Just before I could ask her about it, I heard a car driving towards the flat and it sounded like a Hilax engine.

Immediately my instincts told me to peep through the window and confirm if it was what I was thinking; I saw a shiny black Hilax Double-Cabin driving towards the gate, it was her dad’s car, he was back!

“Hun! Your dad is back!” I said tensed.



“What?” She asked perplexed.

She then dressed up quickly and went to unlock the door so that her dad could not suspect anything. My shoes were inside the house, she grabbed them and brought them to the bedroom then locked the bedroom door. I stayed in the bedroom as quiet as water in a jerrycan waiting to hear his voice then I dive under the bed.

“Dad, you forgot something?” I heard Christina ask.



“No dear, I met with Sam and his sister Joy and they asked me to show them where their childhood friend lives so I decided to bring them. You guys have fun, I have a meeting so I have to go now; it’s been many years you haven’t seen each other, it’s about time you catch up.” I heard her dad reply.

Then I heard two new voices followed by footsteps coming into the house. Christina left her two guests in the sitting room and came to the bedroom.



“Babe, my dad brought two of my old family friends whom we grew up together so you will have to stay in here until they are gone; don’t make any noises love, I don’t want them knowing that I have a man in the house since they have long mouths, they can tell my dad.” She said in whispers then gave me a kiss and left me in the bedroom.

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I could hear them talk out loud and laugh reminding each other of childhood memories. One particular memory caught my attention.



“Remember when we were playing in the backyard then you came and touched my …!” The guy I heard been called Sam said then chuckled

“Haha, it was so small back then, you tried fixing it inside me but I could not even feel it.” I heard Christina reply laughing.



“Then your sister met us and we had to bribe her not to report us!” Sam said.



“Hehehe, then we met Joy and Chris in the grass bush pretending to be dad and mum… Chris was too small for Joy so she opted to just use her hands.” Christina said then they all laughed together.



“Old sweet memories they are, I really miss them… Anyways, guys I have a date, can I please leave you two to catch up then I will see you guys later?” I heard Joy say.



“It’s okay sis, you can go for your date.” Sam replied.

“Don’t leave me or mum will kill me ooh!” Joy said to her brother chuckling.



“I will text you when I am about to leave don’t worry.” Sam replied.



I could hear Joy walk out of the house then there was total silence, one could hear a pin drop.



“Wow, the last time I saw you, you had not grown so big and cute like you are now.” Sam said to Christina after a moment of silence.

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“Thanks Sam, you too have grown big and handsome, you girlfriend must be lucky.” Christina replied.



“We broke up.” Sam said.

“So sorry to hear that dear. What happened?” Christina asked sounding curious.

“She said that my thing was too big for her handle.” Sam replied then chuckled.

“Hahaha, seriously Sam? Has it grown that big?” Christina asked laughing.


“You think it is still the small pimple you were playing with when we were kids?” Sam replied then laughed.

“I don’t know, you tell me.” Christina said.


“How about I show it to you?” Sam suggested.


“Hahaha, no thank you. I don’t want to faint.” Christina said jokingly.


“Anyways, let mi go and take a shower then I will be back.” She added.



She then came to the bedroom, undressed, then took her towel and walked to the shower. While I was seated on the bed, I heard heavy footsteps coming towards the bedroom; it was Sam coming. I quickly and quietly got under the bed and untucked the bed cover so that it could hang on the side of the bed and cover me.



From under the bed, I could see his huge legs walking towards the bed then he jumped on it and began bouncing on it since the mattress was a spring mattress. He then got off the bed and began going though Christina’s things.



After about ten minutes, I heard Christina’s footsteps coming towards the bedroom and then Sam quickly stopped what he was doing and gently sat on the bed.

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“Sam! What are you doing here?!” Christina asked sounding shocked.


“Come on dear, when we were kids we used to go to each other’s bedroom, why do you sound as if you are angry that I am in your bedroom?” Sam replied calmly.


“That was when we were kids Sam, we are now grown ups and we are no longer kids, you have to respect my privacy!” Christina said angrily.


“Why are you acting like your sister Christina? She is the one who used to have that temper!” Sam said


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