The Mistaken Identity – S01 E07

The Mistaken Identity – S01 E07

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“Why should I be?” I replied calmly.


“Then why are you avoiding me?” She asked.



I noted that she had changed her bra but I did not bother much to ask her why.


“I am not, I just feel guilty of what happened.” I replied.

Christina looked at me for a while then said;

“I am in love with you Ham, I don’t wanna lose you aki.”

“You will not lose me just because of something that petty. I understand it’s your first time that’s why I want to give you some space.” I replied calmly.


“I don’t want space hun, I want you. Teach me how to love dear please?” She requested shyly.



This made me get confused. Just a few hours ago, she was pushing me away and now she wanted us to try it allover again. I wanted to reject her suggestion but she pulled me to the bed, got on top of me and pinned me on the mattress. Her new vigor was a super turn on, I could not resist. This time round she was the one who did the undressing, I could not believe my eyes.



She took my little man into her hands and began giving him a soft blow job. The new Christina was driving me crazy, she was way too aggressive.



She then placed my little man at the tip of the honey hive and decided to sit on him so as to let him slide inside the hive. She could not make it to go all the way, she pulled out then asked me to go on top and be gentle.



I expected that we would battle again like the first time but this time round she handled it perfectly well, all she did was scream pretty hard. After I was fully in, Christina loosened and I could feel as if she was already a pro in the game of groans. I began riding harder but Christina did not pull out, she just held tight the pillow and squeezed it.



The way she handled everything, it was so hard to believe that she was the innocent girl who was so paranoid and scared few minutes earlier. We had another two rides before she went back to her room, the last one was the sweetest of them all since she gave her best and that made me fall in love with her.



We stayed for a month without getting intimate again and then one evening, things just happened, she found herself on my bed. Unlike the first day, that evening I had to struggle with her for almost half an hour before I managed to get inside.

I did not know what had triggered her mood during the first date but it was way better than the second one. Due to the struggle, I just got satisfied with one mining trip.



I did not have a great time but I wanted to be the one teaching her how to love. I began taking her out and because she was not yet so good in bed, I used to avoid getting near a bed when with her.



After another one month of dating, Christina decided to move out. She claimed that we were suffocating each other, one of us needed to be living away so as to make it fun visiting each other. I supported her idea since Mwikali was always asking for a rematch but ever since I began seeing her, Christina was all over me, I could not get time for Mwikali.

That very night Christina moved out, I invited Mwikali over for dinner. As usual, she knew there was more than just dinner so she dressed to kill; an African kitenge dress which was above her knees.



I really had missed her ride, that night we used all the protection I had in the house and in the morning there was a morning glory but I was careful not to mess inside her.



She woke me at 5am and woke for the morning glory since she had to go to work. Mwikali was working at her boyfriend’s company and in the evenings she would take part time classes; as for me, I was in my final year at the university.

Mwaura was in his final year as well and after he discovered that I had known his trick of getting ladies to bed, he decided to move out as well and shifted to another apartment. He could not bear the shyness of knowing that I knew his trick.



I spent a month without seeing Christina so I decided to give her a surprise visit.



I first texted her and indirectly asked her where she was so as to confirm if she was in her house. After being sure that she was there, I bought some roses and went to surprise her… When I got to the door, I met her shoes outside and besides the shoes there was another pair of shoes but it was a man’s shoe; the door was locked from the inside.



I first listened close to the door so as to hear if there were people talking and I heard a deep male voice talk. I then knocked at the door and Christina took like two minutes to open the door. Even before she could say a word, I pushed my way through and I walked in anxious to see who was in the house. To my surprise, I met an elderly man with a well-built body seated on the sofa.

“Dad, this is my classmate, the one I told you about; he helps me with the practicals.” Christina lied to save me the trouble with her dad.



She wanted to tell me that her dad had come to visit her after she had opened the door but my insecurity and jealousy could not let me listen to her. Her dad stared at me for a while and he did not show any sign of being happy.


“Good afternoon Sir.” I greeted him to break the weird silence.

“Welcome, have a seat.” He replied with a sad face face.

I began shaking like a leaf during a tornado because of fear. I slowly walked to the seat opposite his and sat down facing him. Christina went to the bedroom and left us two there; I felt like the whole world had placed its weight on me.

“I knew there were stupid boys lying to my daughters but I never got to know who they were, today I finally get to meet one. Listen to me young man and listen good, the day I will hear that you have removed even a sweater off my daughter body, I will castrate you with my bare hands.” Her dad said to me with w deep frightening voice…..


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