The Mistaken Identity – S01 E06

The Mistaken Identity – S01 E06

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I could not hold my laughter when I saw what had been making the whole flat respect Edwin so much. Edwin and Christina were playing a video game which was animated and programmed to resemble voices and events of real life.



One would choose their character and decide which role to play then the avatars in the video game would take over; in short, one would choose any kind of role for the avatars including romance. The very same voice I heard screaming when I first saw Christina walk out of the house was the very same voice coming from the video game system.



All along Mwaura had been fooling me that he was sleeping with Christina but she only went there for video games; majority of the ladies who went there were addicts of that game. It was through playing romantic sessions that Mwaura would hope to get lucky and con the lady he was playing the game with.



I decided to sit on the sinks where I could see both of them; they were playing a romance role, courtesy of Edwin. After the game was over, Edwin gently placed his arm on Christina’s thigh but Christina just smiled lightly at him, took off his hand and walked out of the house.



When I saw her coming to the door, I quickly got of the sink and got into the nearest washroom. She wore her shoes and went direct to my door, she wanted to watch soap opera. Having know Edwin’s trick, I decided to try and push her and see how far she would go for me. Before she got in, I came with my hands spread wanting to hug her.



She opened her arms smiling and gave me a tight warm hug then I intentionally kissed her lips but not for long. She stared at me with strange eyes then asked;



“Why did you do that?”

“Because I like you..” I replied humbly.



“Why are you lying to me Ham? I saw you with another girl!” She said sounding upset.

“But you are with Mwaura too! I heard you scream when I was going to the washrooms!” I defended myself.



“What??! Edwin has never touched me!” She said getting a bit angry.



“Then who was screaming and moaning like someone was on top of her?” I asked pretending to be serious but deep inside I felt like laughing out loud.

“I know you will not believe me but it was an avatar in a video game dear! I am an addict of that game and it’s the only thing which takes me to his room. Just because we were in a closed room together doesn’t mean he screwed me. Actually no man has ever been with me, am still pure.” She said with an angry tone.



“Same case dear, just because you saw mean with a girl doesn’t mean I was coning her!” I replied tried to sound innocent.



She stared at me without blinking and that made me feel weird. I took her by the waist, pulled her close to me and repeated the kiss; this time round, longer and deeper. She pushed me away, slapped me then grabbed my shirt and said;


“That’s for thinking that am a cheap loose girl.”

She then pulled me back towards her gently and kissed me back; by then we were already inside my room. I lifted her legs and made her sit on my waist with her legs locked behind my back and we continued kissing.



I then began taking slow steps heading towards the bed and then dropped her on the bed and got on top of her. I began caressing her chest and her reaction to my touch could easily tell, no man had been there before. After romancing for almost half an hour, I began offloading her clothes.

I first took off her dress and she was so calm, she helped me offload it. I then went for her bra and she did not resist it either. Trouble began when I tried taking off her inner wear.

“Not there, not today dear please.” She said.

“But why?” I asked feeling like I was burning.



“I am not ready to do this dear, I am fearing.” She replied as she held her inner wear tightly.

I released it and went back to romance. The only way I was to convince her was by making her weak points weaker. It did not take me ten minutes, she removed it herself; she was on fire. When it got off, I gently got in between her and began stroking her honey pot gently with my honey miner.



I then began pushing in slowly but before even the gates could open, Christina pulled it out and turned. I gently turned her over again and tried being more gentle. I made sure she was flexible enough and somehow, I managed to slowly dig my way in. When about to start pumping, she grabbed it and pulled it out then said;

“Am sorry Ham but this is more painful than I thought, I can’t bare it dear, not today please.

I just got off her, took a towel and a bucket then went to the shower. I took a cold shower and when I came back I found Christina dressed up and lying on the bed. She looked at me with sympathetic eyes then she faced away; I did not say a single word to her. I dressed up, took my phone and left her on the bed, I went to the rooftop to chill there.



I stayed there for about two hours then I began feeling cold; I decided to go and take my sweater. When I got to the house, Christina was still on the bed and had fallen asleep. She was woken up by my footsteps as I was taking the sweater.



When I was about to leave, she took my hand and asked;

“Are you mad at me dear?”


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