The Mistaken Identity – S01 E05

The Mistaken Identity – S01 E05

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Her touch in there was like potassium placed on water; before she knew it, we had already switched position and her pinky panty was already out. I was lying on top of her as one of my hands was caressing her t–s and then the other was busy waxing her honey pot as I kissed her lips. Just by touching it, I could tell Mwikali’s gold mine was not used to rough mining tools.

I gently took my tool and placed it at the entrance gate ready to go mining and the moment I just tried to let it roll into the mine, she changed her mind. She pushed me off her and turned facing the wall covering her eyes with her hand. I felt like my tool was about to burst.


“Am sorry Ham but I can’t do this. You are a sweet guy and when my eyes landed on you I just wished for this moment but aki nimeshindwa. I really want to but sina courage.” She said still facing away.



I felt so humiliated, I just took my boxer and trouser and dressed up then I lay on the edge of the bed cursing inside my head why I had invited her over. I fell asleep after minutes of cursing and Mwikali must have noted I was disappointed in her; that was the last thing she wanted.



I was woken up by her hands inside my boxer. I was no longer in the mood for her but somehow she convinced me that she had thought about it and she was ready for it. When I first got in, her breathing rate changed and she reacted as if she was feeling too much pain; I withdrew then stared at her for a while and thought it was another way of getting me off.

She gently took my tool and placed it back then pressed my back with her hands towards her forcing it in. She made one very sexy moan when it went digging deep inside, it just gave me the morale to mine.

I did not care how much she screamed because the more she called out my name, the harder I dug until she was moaning and groaning so loud, passers by could hear her. Being on her soft thighs was a sweet feeling, I just felt like riding all day but after almost an hour, we both got exhausted.



We lay on the bed relaxing then after about twenty minutes, Mwikali wanted more; she was hungry for it. She began caressing me and once the engine was on, she sat on it and began to ride her way to Paradise. She was such a good rider, she made me moan and groan so deep and it felt so good.



After we were done, Mwikali stared at me for a while feeling shy then she said;

“There is something I need to tell you Ham.”


“Am listening.” I replied curiosity getting the better part of me.


“As long as am concerned, this never happened. I did it because from the very first time I saw you, I had a crush on you and I could not resist you. I just found myself saying yes to everything you said but please let it remain between us; I don’t want my boyfriend knowing that I was with another man.” She said.


“You have a boyfriend?” I asked perplexed.


“Yes I do.” She replied covering her face due to shyness.

“Then why cheat on him?” I asked curious.



“He is ever busy dear. Last time I had this feeling was one year ago. I live in his house but we rarely have time for us two.” She replied.



“Your wish is my command ma’am.” I said smiling.



“But you ride better than him, I think am getting addicted to you! Can I have you one last time because I don’t know when I will feel this good again?” She asked jokingly.



“How about we be secret FWBs? You be coming over when you are available..” I replied jokingly as well.



Mwikali was a crazy lady, she agreed to my deal then she just found a way to get me back to bed and we went for our third round; it was the sweetest of them all. Since she was staying at her boyfriend’s place and it was getting late, that was enough for the day and she had to leave so as not to get in trouble.



On our way out, we met with Christina at the stairs headed towards her room; she was from the swimming pool. We passed each other without saying a word and I escorted Mwikali to the bus stop then went back to my room. When I got to my door, I found Christina waiting for me outside my room and she had changed her dressing code.


“Hey, can I watch the soap please?” She asked humbly.



I could not say no to her however pissed off I was at her, I unlocked the door and after I had connected the TV for her, I walked out and left her watching. Something got me curious though; Christina was changing her clothes so often, every day at least twice.



Every time I met with her in a different place she was in different clothes. When at the pool, she was wearing a blue dress; when she came to watch her soap, she was in a red dress; this really bothered my conscience.



I stayed at the rooftop for one hour then gave her half an hour extra time so that I could find her gone. I went back to my room at around half past seven and to my surprise, she had washed the dishes, spread the bed and even mopped the house. I did not know why she was being so responsible and trying to please me yet she was s——g with Edwin.



I decided to go and seek her company so as to get to know what her intentions were but immediately I got out of my door, I saw her walk in to Edwin’s room; she was now wearing the blue dress she was with at the pool. I got annoyed and went back to my room then switched on the music and lay on the bed.



Time passed and I felt like using a bathroom so I got out and rushed to relieve myself. While coming from the washroom, I looked up and saw something which got me very curious; it was in Edwin’s room.

I could hear someone scream in the house but when I looked in through the window, both Edwin and Christina were fully dressed. I got more curious and moved closer to the window so as to see where the screen…


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