The Mistaken Identity – S01 E02

The Mistaken Identity – S01 E02

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When I came back from the washroom, my little man had calmed down and he was back to his normal size. Christina was already done washing the dishes and she was lying on the bed watching the TV. She looked at me then smiled and said;

“You look nice in that trouser by the way.”


I was too shy because I knew what she meant, I sat on the far corner of the bed, leave a huge gap between us. I was a very timid and shy guy, I did not have the guts to look at a girl in the eyes and vibe her or even tell her that I liked her.



I would only be able to vibe a girl over the phone but face to face I was the most timid guy on earth. Christina was way out of my league, her beauty alone was enough to make me feel intimidated and out of class.



She would often steal sexy glances at me and she would keep rolling on the bed from one end to another, making it easy for me to get a good look at her boobs since she had no bra on. She was trying to seek my attention but I was too shy and timid to note that Christina was crushing on me.



Being a lady, she could not tell me direct to my face that she liked me since she feared I would judge her to be a cheap girl. She decided to leave since I was reading her signs but I was too scared to react.



I later retired to bed but I could not get Christina out of my head. Early in the morning, I woke up, took a jerrycan and sat outside my door facing Christina’s door so that I could see her when she woke up. Three doors after her room, there was a guy who was a close friend of mine.



Unlike me, he had all the courage in the world to face any girl and convince her to follow him to his house; his name was Edwin Mwaura. He used to make girls scream inside his room and that made him the most popular guy in the apartment.



Mwaura unlocked his door and saw me seated outside my door so he came over to get me updated on what was new in his world. We used to share a lot like brothers and used to often hangout.

“Hey man, what’s up?” He greeted me.


“Hey dude, just busking in the morning sun.” I lied.



I did not want him to know that I was unable to express myself in front of my new hotcake neighbour who brought herself up to my bed so I had to be careful on what I said to him. He always believed in getting any girl he wanted so for him that would be insubordination.

He was wearing just a swimming short since he was headed to the washrooms. All his neighbours knew that whenever there was music in his house very early in the morning, there was a lady being crucified on his bed.

“Sijakwambia bro, jana nimeangukia kadem kameiva vile tu nilitoka class. After kucheza kama mimi all night, nashtukia kananishow ati kanaishi hii ploti.” Mwaura said smiling


“Whaaat?!! Kanaishi keja gani?” I asked curious.


“Sijajua bado juu amenishow leo morning after kamorning glory.” He replied laughing his evil laughter.


“Hehe, wewe ni umeme bro kama unakula hadi neighbour bila kujua.” I said making fun of him.



The flat had 7 flours of a mixture of single rooms and doubles, there were tenants of all kind. Mwaura had already slept with two girls in the flat that I knew of, and now he had the third one in his room.



He excused himself and went to the washroom and then went back to his room. I could hear some commotion in his house then he turned up the music and that got me curious.

I got off the jerrycan I was sitting on and tiptoed to his door. From there I could hear the girl inside the house scream calling out Mwaura’s name; he was deep inside her


I was in dryspell, the sound of the girl moaning turned me on instantly. I decided to overcome my cowardice and I went to Christiana’s door. I stood there for almost five minutes gaining courage to knock the door as I arranged what to tell her in my head but was in for a disappointment; Christina was not in the house, it was locked.



I got bored and decided to retire back to my jerrycan; this time round not to wait for Christina to wake up, but to busk in the morning sun. I was enjoying the golden rays of the sun when Mwaura’s door opened again. I was not curious to look up since I thought it was Mwaura but something attracted my attention; I heard a lady’s voice.



When I looked up, my eyes landed on a white short night dress with no marks of the inner wear lining. Behind the night dress, there was a beautiful cleavage. Two beautiful, outstanding boobs, magnificent hips and golden thighs that any man would desire to lie on. I was curious to know who Mwaura was banging but her head was still inside the house since she was talking to Mwaura.



Shock befell me when I finally got to see her face; I was left rooted on the spot, my whole body trembling in disbelief.

The lady in a white night dress from Mwaura’s room was Christina, I recognized her immediately I saw her face. I got so furious, I just got off the jerrycan I was sitting on and went to my room furiously. On my way to the room, she looked at me, smiled then waved at me but I was so pissed off, I did not wave back.

She went to the washroom and then came back and they continued with their business. I felt so jealous and so angry, I just felt like going to Mwaura’s room and squeeze his balls for sleeping with my crush.

After a couple of hours, I decided to go out swimming to calm my thoughts because the more I stared in the house, the more I fantasized with what they were doing

On my way out, I saw Christina opening her door but she was not wearing the white dress I had seen her with earlier in the morning. When she saw me, she smiled broadly and said;

“Hey handsome, how was your night?”


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