The Mistaken Identity – S01 E01

The Mistaken Identity – S01 E01

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It had been six months since I last had a female visitor in my house. I always found it awkward to invite my female friends to my single room apartment since there was no much space to host guests and it was not my thing to hangout with female friends in a squeezed room.



One morning as I was headed to school, I bumped onto a lady on the stairs and she almost fell down the staircase but I quickly grabbed her. She looked me in the eyes and smiled then said Thank you. I waited for her to lift herself off my arm but she was so comfortable hanging in the air being suspended by my right hand and was busy admiring my haircut.



My fingers were squeezing her right boob since my hand had gone round he back and came back to the front but she did not seem to bother about that. Since I was getting tired, I slowly lifted her up and that was when I saw her cleavage. She was wearing a blue long dress which was tight enough to display her well formed cleavage.



I was getting late for school so I just smiled back and rushed towards the gate. I did not bother to get her phone number or to ask her name because of the hurry I was in. I had a CAT paper that morning but my mind was fully occupied by the feeling of her boob in my arm, I could not get her off my mind.



Luckily, the CAT bounced and I began regretting why I never asked her name at least. My friends wanted we go hangout in the arboretum but I needed to hurry back to the apartment and see if the lady was still around.



“Sorry guys but I have something I need to attend to, I will not be able to join you guys today.” I said to my three buddies.



I then hurried to the bus stop and took the next bus heading to Thika. When I got my stop, I got off and rushed to my apartment. When I got to the point where I was holding her in my arms, I started smiling as I recalled how she looked at me with her sexy eyes.



Immediately I finished climbing that stairway, I saw someone washing dishes on the sinks at the far corner of that floor; she was wearing a booty short and a green T-shirt. I decided to go closer and see if she was the lady I was looking for. She had a figure as beautiful as the girl I was with in the morning but she looked a little bit bigger.

“Hey.” I greeted her so that she could turn and face me.

When she turned, I saw her beautiful smile and it was exactly the same smile I had seen in the morning.


“I am sorry I left in a hurry in the morning, I am Haman.” I said smiling.


“I am Christina, pleasure meeting you Haman.” She replied smiling.


“I guess you just moved in here?” I asked.


“Yeah, today is my second day here.” She replied.


“Oh! Welcome to our humble apartment.” I said charmingly.

I stayed there with her until she was done washing the dishes then helped her carry them to her room. To my surprise, she had moved in just next to me, she was my next door neighbour. Most of the time I was always in my male friends houses playing Fifa hence I had no idea that there was a new neighbour.



Christina was so hospitable and social, she invited me in and made some coffee for me. As the coffee was brewing, we got to know about each other more and I got to know her likes and dislikes. After taking my coffee, I did not want to overstay my welcome so I bided her goodbye and went back to my room. I had a classic music system which would vibrate all the walls in the apartment and I also had a TV which I mostly used to watch movies.



I switched on the TV and connected it to the music system since there was a music show. The vibration in the house soothed me to sleep and I did not know when I fell asleep; I was woken up by a knock on my door. The music show was already over and the station was showing a soap opera. I dragged my feet off the bed and went to open the door; it was my new neighbour, Christina.


“Hey, I love soaps, can I join you we watch please?” She requested.


“Yeah, sure, come in.” I said smiling broadly to hide the sleep marks on my face.



Christina was still wearing the booty short and the green T-shirt; she sat on the bed since I did not have any space to put a seat. My mattress was a spring high density, 16 inches thick; she sat on the head side and I sat opposite her leaning on the wall such that I could watch and at the same time, view her sexy thighs.



She had thighs which were always arresting my eyes more than the TV did; she noted that I was staring at her thighs but pretended not to have seen. I was not a huge fan of soap operas so I decided to keep myself busy, I got off the bed and began arranging the dirty dishes in a basin so as to go and wash.



“Do you mind if I wash them for you?” She asked after she saw that I wanted to go and wash them.



Definitely I could not say no so I let her wash but preferred her doing it inside the house to avoid rumormongers. She got off the bed and bent over beside the basin with the utensils, I could see her gold mine well drawn on her booty short since it was very tight.



My little man began raising to the occasion since I could see every part between her golden brown thighs. The trouser I was wearing was not buggy enough to hide my little man’s behaviour, Christina turned while I was unaware and the first thing she saw was the sudden elevation of my trouser just below the waist, my little man was pointing at her.



She knew that I could see everything in between her legs though covered, but she pretended not to have noticed my erection and bent over again to wash the dishes making it more hard for me to stay in the room. I was scared of trying to approach her since I did not know what her reaction would be and I did not want to make a fool out of myself so I just walked out of the room and went to the washrooms…



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