The Game’s Kids Saved Up Their Allowances To Buy Him A Tesla For His Birthday

The Game must be the best dad on the face of the earth, because his children saved up their allowances to buy him a Tesla for his 41st birthday.

The Game’s children spared no expense celebrating his 41st birthday on November 29. His eldest son, Harlem Taylor, took to Instagram earlier this week to wish his dad a happy birthday, and show off the shiny, new Tesla that he and his two siblings, King and California, saved up their allowances to gift him.

“Happy bday to my dad/best friend. love u and who’s tesla is that u may be wondering?,” Harlem wrote. “Oh me and my siblings saved up all the money our dad has gave us to buy him a new car. pretty sick huh?”


I don’t know what kind of allowance these kids were getting or how long they had been saving for, but this gesture speaks volumes. I used to spend my allowance on packs of gum and Pokémon cards, not reinvestments in my parents birthday gifts, so shout out to these kids for what they just managed to pull off, it’s very telling.

The Game commented on the post, praising his children for their generosity. “You are the best son,” he wrote. “didn’t know what to say or how you kept that a secret…. thank all of you love y’all to the end of the world n back.” He also reposted the photo to his own Instagram, adding: “At a loss for words & was totally surprised. I love you all to the end of the world & back son. Thank you…….. BEST GIFT EVER.”

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There’s no doubt that the rapper’s family must really love him.



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