The COVID-19 pandemic hit the world with devastating impacts. Asides from being a global
health crisis, the resulting effects of the outbreak have become a threat to every sector of the world- the economy included.

The ripple effect of this is that several businesses have become affected, with many shutting
down permanently as a result of being unable to cushion the economic fall.

In a bid to support the most affected businesses- the small and medium scale entrepreneurs,
Letshego Nigeria through her solution-driven Step Up loans, is providing entrepreneurs with the financial support they need to sustain their businesses.

At Letshego, we believe that loans are great solutions for small and medium scale businesses
and for empowering entrepreneurs whose businesses need all the financial support it can get.
Letshego is a Pan-African microfinance bank building businesses and improving lives in Nigeria
since 2017 through our well-tailored products and services. We offer an array of quick loans
designed to support every Nigerian’s business objectives and ultimately achieve their dreams.
One of these is the Step Up Loan for businesses. The Step Up loan provides personal and executive loans across all sectors to support micro and small entrepreneurs. These loans are open to entrepreneurs who have been in business for a minimum of six months. Just like the name implies, the Step Up loan aims at supporting businesses with a monthly interest rate of 5.5% which will be calculated daily from the period of disbursement.

Making the important decision of choosing a form of financing for your business, especially
during these times of economic breakdown is an intentional process and knowing the best
options available in terms of business loans will enable every entrepreneur in making smart
borrowing choices.

While there are many channels for business loans, there are even more rules and strict
conditions in place when it comes to approving or rejecting these business loan applications,
this is why at Letshego, we are passionate about powering businesses through flexible loan
options for entrepreneurs to step up their dreams.

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For more information on how to apply for a Step Up loan and get started on a journey to
securing the future of your business, visit www.letshego.ng today to learn more.


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