Softswiss Has Been Granted A Casino License In Nigeria

Softswiss Has Been Granted A Casino License In Nigeria

Softswiss Has Been Granted A Casino License In Nigeria

SoftSwiss, an online gaming app provider and supplier, revealed its major entry into the African gambling industry in February 2021 when it received sportsbook operating licenses to start doing business in Nigeria.

Nigeria has the continent’s largest economy, owing largely to its petroleum exports, and is well-known for its long-standing addiction to gambling. Nigeria is a perfect location for SoftSwiss offers because it is one of Africa’s most dynamic and rapidly growing markets.

What is SoftSwiss?

SoftSwiss is a Belarusian online gaming software provider that provides a variety of online gambling-related solutions and services. It was created in 2012 after starting out as an online auction developer in 2008.

The corporation is headquartered in Curaçao, with product development teams in Belarus, and serves customers and collaborators all over the world.

Gambling In Nigeria

Nigeria is Africa’s largest economy, with a population of more than 200 million people. Nigeria, as a gambling-friendly nation, has a ready market for this new expansion, as well as very well-developed gambling regulations.

Gambling was once considered an anti-social practice in Nigeria, and it was strongly discouraged by the country’s dominant church apparatus. However, in the late 1990s, the government legalized such gaming practices in order to increase tax revenue.

Gambling, both legal and illicit, is now extremely common in Nigeria, as people’s attitudes toward this type of entertainment have shifted. The pastime has risen in popularity due to lax oversight and compliance.

Even though the fiat casinos still exist and thrive in the country, it created fertile soil for the wave of bitcoin casinos in Nigeria, still.  The vast majority of the country’s gamblers prefer sportsbooks and lotteries.

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SoftSwiss, with its turnkey online casino game technologies and recent cryptocurrency extension, hopes to improve that with its new footprint in Nigeria.

New Opportunities in Nigeria

The Softswiss brand is currently the world’s leading cryptocurrency gaming tech business, and with high-quality and simple-to-use app devices, it’s easy to see how it can maintain its place and stellar credibility.

SoftSwiss, as one of the industry’s leading content aggregators and network providers, is well-positioned to make a major splash in Nigeria, a gambling-friendly and populated country.

Obtaining a Nigerian operating license is an important achievement for the group, providing them with a major competitive advantage in both Africa and the rest of the world.

Online Casinos

SoftSwiss is a multi-faceted client network that caters to online casino operators, offering product creation, payment management, technical support, and turnkey online casino business startup assistance.

Via white label associates, the group operates hundreds of online casinos while also offering gaming management facilities and licensing infrastructure.

Cryptocurrency – After witnessing a large rise in the amount of cryptocurrency gambling traffic in 2020, SoftSwiss started incorporating this trending payment method into their clients’ websites after developing cryptocurrency payment processing in 2013.

The firm has also made significant investments in blockchain mining, claiming that it will soon become the preferred payment option for online gamblers.

SportsBooks – SoftSwiss debuted its newest product this year: its own sportsbook app, which aims to be a unique hybrid between a conventional sportsbook and an online casino.

Expansions in Africa

SoftSwiss has started to grow into other controlled markets, growing its global footprint, most recently obtaining a license in Nigeria. Through this latest step, the company will be able to sell its products for the first time in Nigeria, as well as launch the recently launched SoftSwiss Sportsbook to the industry.

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Nigeria is considered one of the fastest-growing online gaming markets, according to SoftSwiss founder Ivan Montik, and they can’t wait to start offering their services there.

Nigeria is a significant milestone for them, and they plan to expand into other regulated markets. Its entry into Nigeria follows an impressive period of growth for the firm.

SoftSwiss started selling its online casino goods in South Korea, Japan, and India in December 2020, as well as working on adapting its sportsbook for the Indian market.

The license comes after SoftSwiss revealed the introduction of Affilka, a digital sportsbook partner marketing site. After acquiring this valuable Asian trifecta and a strategic affiliate scheme, the organization would certainly enjoy considerable future growth

Softswiss Has Been Granted A Casino License In Nigeria

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