Reno Omokri: “Tinubu May Be A Drug Lord But Better Than Osinbajo, Peter Obi”

The controversial critic, Reno Omokri, attacked the Labor Party’s presidential candidate in the last election, Peter Obi, for saying that the APC should nominate Vice President Yemi Osinbajo as a candidate instead. President-elect Asiwaju Bola Tinubu.
The former aide to the president said his submission was evident in Tinubu’s record when he was Governor of Lagos State as he built both human resources and infrastructure while increasing the revenue generated. internally in Lagos.

While arguing that Atiku Abubakar, who carries the presidential standard of the People’s Democratic Party is the best candidate for the 2023 election, Omokri said he prefers the former governor of Lagos to Osinbajo and Obi.

Obi said in a joke exchange with some guests at Dele Momodu’s 63rd birthday party in London, that the Congress of All Radicals would succeed in pushing Nigeria forward if they chose Osinbajo as his candidate.

He said in a viral video:

“I am desperate to see Nigeria working, I can’t hide it. I even confronted them if you want it, why didn’t you bring Osinbajo so that we can have people who want to work for the country?

“Nigeria needs a healthy person and someone like him working 24 hours. Let’s have the place working for everyone.”

Reacting to this, Omokri said:

“put Osinbajo and Obi together and multiply them by 10, and Tinubu is still better than them in managing men and resources.

Peter Obi is very wrong to say Osinbajo is better than Tinubu. You don’t have to like somebody before you say the truth about them.”

He said the best Presidential candidate, in his opinion, is Atiku Abubakar, but that he is afraid he had to disagree with Peter Obi that Osinbajo is better than Tinubu.

“Look at Nigeria in the last eight years. What was Osinbajo’s impact? The reason why Peter Obi lives in Lagos and not in Anambra, where he was Governor for eight years, is because Tinubu performed as Governor of Lagos.

“As Governor, Tinubu built new cities from scratch, ports, rail infrastructure, roads, hospitals, industries, independent power stations, paid civil servants, and mentored men like Osinbajo, Fashola, Aregbesola, Fayemi, Akabueze and co, who are now movers and shakers. He also increased Lagos’ internally generated revenue by 360%.

“In contrast, what did Osinbajo and Obi achieved while in power? Osinbajo and Buhari gave us two recessions, while Peter Obi’s singular boast is the beer factory, in which he had a personal investment, and saving the then equivalent of almost $400 million of Anambra money in a bank where he had significant interest in and was its former chairman. Every time that money yielded interest, Obi personally benefited in the millions of dollars,” he stated.

“Tinubu may be a drug lord, and I will never have anything to do with such a vile person. However, put Osinbajo and Obi together and multiply them by 10, and Tinubu is still better than them in managing men and resources”, he added.


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