Remarkable Progress Made In Fight Against Insurgency — Buhari

President Muhammadu Buhari acknowledged the fight against insecurity during his eight years in power was very difficult, but said the situation had improved significantly.
Buhari said this during the 2023 Nigerian Army Color Parade and Presentation on Thursday in Abuja.

Buhari said the fighting strength of the national army was at its lowest level in May 2015, adding that the situation has improved significantly with significant progress in the fight against insurgents, rebels, and rebels. military, oil tankers, kidnappers, and other criminal elements in the country.

According to him, this administration has achieved a significant transformation of the military in the areas of combat strength, training, operations, manpower, compensation, and medical services.

“These are in addition to maintenance, efficiency, accommodation, and force expansion. “Improvements in these areas have collectively enhanced the military’s ability to effectively carry out its constitutional mission.

“Our military’s combat strength was at its lowest in May 2015,” he said.

He also added that seven years later, his power struggle has increased dramatically, coming in fourth among African servicemen from seventh in 2015.

“Our interventions and our budget allocation to the military from 2020 to 2022 alone have enabled the purchase of hundreds of mine-resistant ambush protection (MRAP) vehicles, troop carriers, multi-purpose vehicles, and more. vehicles, tanks, and armored personnel carriers to supplement those previously purchased between 2017 and 2022.

“A significant number of new combat vehicles and gadgets, as well as artillery guns, machine guns, rifles, and ammunition respectively have been purchased and introduced into various battlefields. “This will lead to a significant increase in ownership of animal gear since 2015 with significant combat enhancement through equipment purchases and mission-specific training,” he said.

Buhari said the army has restructured the conduct of its operations to meet the current reality, adding that the number of platforms equipped in the army since 2015 has given the army the lead in the battle. the war against terrorism and crime, especially in the northeast.

This, he said, led to the recapturing of territory previously held by insurgents, adding that the army’s efforts have led to unprecedented successes that are evident in the number of insurgents captured. disables and those who voluntarily surrendered along with their families.

The president said the successes have led to the resettlement of evacuees to their homeland and the restoration of economic activities, in addition to the military’s contribution to operations in support of global peace.

He said the existing colors were overly involved in many activities in different geopolitical areas of the country as well as abroad that are eager to retire. “Today’s ceremony continues our efforts to enhance our military’s stealth fighting capabilities by instilling greater pride in their units.

“Let me use this medium to sincerely recommend the officers and men of the army, all members of the Armed Forces and other security agencies for their exceptional performance in various operations across the country.

“Since the inception of this administration, the nation’s security situation was greatly challenged by the activities of violent non state actors.

“Today, I am pleased to specifically note that the situation has tremendously improved and I wish to also proudly highlight that we have made remarkable progress in the fight against insurgents, militants, oil bunkers, kidnappers and other criminal elements in the country,” he said.

The trooping and presentation of colours parade is conducted when retiring the old colours of a regiment/unit and presenting the regiment/unit with a new one.

It entails marching/trooping the old colours past the formed up soldiers of the regiment/unit, retiring the colours, presenting the new colours to the regiment/unit and then consecrating the new colours.

It is usually conducted once in 15 to 20 years as desired by country’s armed forces but the last time such a parade was conducted in Nigeria was in 2007 when 32 units/regiments were issued with new colours.

Today’s event saw the retiring and replacing 53 units’ regimental colours and issuance of 28 new ones for newly established units.

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