QUOTE OF THE DAY BY Samuel A. Oderinde

Stop COMPLAINING about where you’re TODAY.

Nothing SIGNIFICANT ever happens “SUDDENLY” , if it does, then that’s a MIRACLE, which God Himself will have to PREPARE you for.
No FOUNDATION of a BUILDING as BEAUTY in it, It only becomes ATTRACTIVE at the END.
Stop COMPARING yourself with people’s FUTURE – they started long before you, START from where you’re NOW!
Stop looking at TIME to DICTATE how your LIFE should have gone – ask those in the grave who probably had MEETINGS or SUMMIT scheduled for today…
Stop IMITATING people in a bit to look like where they’re – Build yourself, Place value on what you’re & what you’ve, YOU WILL SOON BECOME WHAT YOU ADMIRE today.
The BEAUTY of LIFE is that you’re ¹ LIVING (Having the opportunity to make DECISIONS that pertains to your life & you’re in ² MOTION (Making & Taking TIMELY Advantage to further add VALUE to you life – and that in itself is PROGRESS .
Therefore, ¹ PREPARE for where you’re going by having a clear PICTURE of what you want (… because you will only maximize the opportunities of what you’ve prepared for, not what you’re waiting for)
Take ² ADVANTAGE of where you’re today,
Learn, Unlearn & Relearn – Break Up your Fallow grounds.
Invest in Things,
Invest in People,
Invest in yourself.
Don’t despise what you’re CALLED to do, Don’t RUN another man’s RACE.
Don’t do another man’s job.
Live according to the GRACE poured upon you, even as you keep LABOURING through WISDOM.
Don’t let the SEASON of others make you OUT RUN your time…
¹ May the Lord give to us the PATIENCE to LEARN.
² May the Lord help us to RECOGNIZE opportunities when it comes, even when it doesn’t look like it.
² May the Lord help us Build the Character needed to make us REIGN in Life.
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QUOTE OF THE DAY BY Samuel A. Oderinde

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