Quote Of The Day By Min. Samuel Adebanji

Don’t allow what you’re YET to see, discourage you from what you’ve SEEN.

Don’t allow the CIRCUMSTANCES around, destroy the GREAT VICTORY within!
I Hope this AWAKEN a VICTORIOUS spirit for someone.
I Hope this, speak to someone’s DRY BONES.
“Never allow your PRESENT state speak to your FUTURE.
Speak what you want the present to PRODUCE for you in the Future”…
It will not always be like this!
If the KINGDOM of God must find expression in any DEPARTMENT of your life, it will require TWO (2) INSTRUMENT.
1. Violence &
2. Force.
VIOLENCE – you must ENFORCE what you want to see by what you SAY.
FORCE – you must ask God for an AGENCY that he will use to ESTABLISH His KINGDOM in that Sphere of your life.
Probably, the AGENCY you need right now might be a good RELATIONSHIP (with both God and Man) or an advance KNOWLEDGE in what you wish to see or HUMILITY in an existing relationship.
In all, don’t allow that VISION or DREAM die!
Keep the VICTORIOUS spirit alive.
I know you were BLESSED, Share to bless others 👍🏼
Quote Of The Day By Min. Samuel Adebanji

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