Putin Sacks Eight Generals Over Slow Progress In Ukraine Invasion

That bad advice caused Russia’s military to assault Ukraine less than optimally, resulting in many more losses than intended in a battle that has lasted more than two weeks.

According to Danilov, Putin believed the capital city of Kyiv would fall within two to three days, therefore he dispatched small forces to seize critical locations in the early days.

‘It hasn’t happened and will never happen,’ he stated emphatically.

‘Desperate,’ Danilov remarked. By shifting leadership, Moscow has ‘now turned to a different technique.’

‘They ousted roughly 8 generals from their posts because they didn’t finish the job,’ he said state television.

Another argument presented in the study is that the organization gathered valuable intelligence but was reluctant to tell Putin the truth, so they doctored their reports to placate him.

‘The difficulty is that telling Putin anything he doesn’t want to hear is too risky for superiors, so they adapt their information,’ he explained.
As conflict continues and punishing sanctions isolate the country, they are claimed to be making ‘apocalyptic’ predictions about the coming weeks and months.

‘They’re meticulously enunciating the word clusterf**k,’ one insider told Rustamova when asked how Russian officials were reacting to the incident.

‘No one is happy.’ Many people recognize that this is a mistake, but in the process of doing their jobs, they come up with excuses in order to make sense of it.’

Over two million Ukrainian refugees have left since Russia’s invasion of Ukraine began on February 24, as towns confront food, water, heat, and medical shortages – with some resorting to melting snow for water.

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