Police Officers Prevent Boko Haram Attack

Gunmen Kill Cleric 2 Others In Nasarawa

Police Officers Prevent Boko Haram Attack

A crack team of police operatives has eliminated at least eight(cool Boko Haram terrorists who attempted to attack residents of Maiduguri, the Borno State capital.

At was in the evening while Muslims faithful were preparing to break their Ramadan fast when the terrorists infiltrated the area on a guntruck and several motorcycCSs.

An intelligence source confided in PRNigeria that the terrorists were in a process of setting àblaze a house at Jiddari Polo when the police crack team led by CSP Mohammed Ibrahim suddenly appeared in the area with armored personnel carrier (APC).

“Immediately the terrorists sighted the police team, they attempted to escape. While pursuing them, the police armored personnel carrier overran and killed some of them on the spot.

“We counted atleast eight dead bodies while many others were scattered to pieces. As we speak their bodies are laying down in Jidari Polo. It was actually a bad outing for the terrorists.

“Items recovered from the terrorists include; Anti Aircraft guns, several AK 47 and one Guntruck belonging to the terrorists.

A reinforcement team comprising of the Nigerian Army, Nigerian police and the Civilian Joint Task Force were later deployed to chase other fleeing terrorists.

Police Officers Prevent Boko Haram Attack

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