Paternity feud: Ehiosun Clement’s life at stake, declared wanted

Paternity feud: Ehiosun Clement’s life at stake, declared wanted
Following the death and burial of late Mrs. Joy Ehiosun; Clement’s mother on the 6th of December, 2013, as a result of Boko Hara’s insurgence during one of her unlucky trade journey to the North, the father of Clement, Mr. Chifordu Ikeagwu of Ekwuoma Community in Ika North East LGA of Delta has denied his paternity over Clement, saying that the young man was not his biological son but a child conceived as a result of his former wife’s infidelity.
However, sequence to this feud according to the customs and traditions of Ekwuoma Community, one whose paternity is not certain is considered a bastard and offered as sacrifice during their annual Igwe Festival, held in October.
In regards to this practice, Mr. Clement has therefore been declared wanted for sacrifice for the 2014 Annual Igwe Festival. Although, sources revealed that since the feud, knowing what is at stake, Mr. Clement has fled the community to an unknown destination but the Ekwuoma Chief Priest was heard to have stated that no matter how far he runs, so long he is still within the shore of Nigeria, his spirit has no hiding place.
Our sources gathered that the late Mrs. Ehiosun died in the hands of Boko Haram insurgents during one of her travels to the Northern part of the country for her usual business deals as she was into buying of goods like onions, rice and beans in large quantities from the Northern part of the country to sell in her community market in Ekwuoma.
However, after her burial in February, 2014, the deceased’s ex-husband during the sharing of property, negated Mr. Clement Ehiosun from benefitting from his property amongst his other children. When asked why he did so, he stated that he was not the biological father of Clement, saying he was sure of not being the real father of Clement.
Speaking further, he said, “When I and my wife were about getting married, I discovered few months to our marriage that she was already pregnant and I was very sure I was not the one responsible for the pregnancy because we had always applied contraceptive measures during intimacy to avoid pregnancy out of wedlock. Then, all of a sudden, few weeks to our pregnancy, she came to tell me that she was pregnant of a child for me.”
He further noted that the issue of Clement’s real paternity forced them to separate few months after they got married but revealed that to further proved his doubts, Clement’s mother change his surname to her new husband’s name.
According to him, “Why will anybody expect me to accept the paternity of someone who doesn’t answer my name or even share my property with another man’s son in the disguise that he is my son? We don’t look alike in appearance or character and I believe his mother had him for another man and wanted to force it on me which I have refused to accept.
About the weight and penalty of his rejection of Clement, he said, “He is a full grown man; he should bear his own Cross. Moreover, I did nothing; his wayward mother ruined his life and not me.”
However, as at the time of filing this report, Mr. Clement was still at large.

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