Mekwuye family has raised alarm over threat by the Ogboni fraternity, calling on the members of the public to come to their aid.
A member of the Mekwuye family who claimed anonymity told our reporter that the lives of members of their family is under threat by the Ogboni fraternity, especially Mekwuye Monday Christian, the only son of their late brother and uncle, late Mr. Peter Mekwuye.
The source said, “Since the death of Mr. Peter Mekwuye on November 30, 2017 members of the dreaded Ogboni fraternity started harassing his son, and now they are after the life of the young man, Mekwuye Monday Christian over his refusal to accept initiation to occupy the position of his late father which they say is hereditary.
“Late Peter Mekwuye was an active member of the influential Ogboni secret cult group which cuts across the who is who in the country. Mekwuye Monday Christian’s refusal to be initiated because of his Christian beliefs coupled with the warning from his mother, Mrs. Mekwuye Patience has set him on collusion course with the Ogboni members.
“His father’s intimate friend in the Ogboni cult group, Mr. Oboli had failed in every attempt to lure Mekwuye Monday Christian to accept the initiation. The source said that the police has treated the matter with levity”.
Continuing, the source further revealed that the worry of the Mekwuye family is the safety of their son, Mekwuye Monday Christian, saying that members of the Ogboni fraternity have began sending threats that there will be no hiding place for him and that he would be killed if seen.”
It was further gathered that Mekwuye Monday Christian fled for his life since his uncle, Ajagwa Sunday who was backing him died mysteriously just after members of the Ogboni fraternity visited him to ask for his whereabouts.

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Culled from Ika Mirror

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