Nigeria’s Next President Should Be in His 60s – Babangida

General Ibrahim Badamasi Babangida (IBB), a former Nigerian military president, has stated that the next president of Nigeria in 2023 should be in his 60s.


This was said by Babangida during a Thursday interview with Arise TV, which aired on Friday.

According to IBB, one of the reasons Nigeria has refused to advance and realize the founding fathers’ ambitions is that Nigerians have lost faith in their own country’s future.


He proposed that Nigerians focus on individuals in their 60s as potential presidential contenders in 2023.


Former President Goodluck Jonathan, who blamed Nigerians of both creating and destroying their own country, highlighted bad leadership as a key cause of the country’s socio-economic problems.


“If you get a good leadership that links with the people and attempts to talk with the people rather than talking over them, then we’ll be fine,” IBB remarked.


“I’ve begun to imagine a terrific Nigerian leader. That is, someone who travels across the country and makes friends almost everywhere he goes and knows at least one person with whom he can converse.


“That’s a somebody who knows a lot about economics and is also a skilled politician, so he should be able to communicate with Nigerians and other people. I’ve seen one, two, or three of these people in their sixties.”

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