Nigerian activist, Kola Edokpayi tells churches to adopt polygamy – “I have not seen a man with 2 or 3 wives that has been stabbed to death”

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LKola Edkpayi, who is a Human rights activist and speaker at Edo civil society group, Talakawa’s Parliament has asked churches to copy polygamy so as to reduce the rate at which men are being stabbed to death by their sidechicks and wives.

In a post on his Facebook page, Kola suggested that he’s never seen a polygamous man who got stabbed by any of his partners and that people shouldn’t be “bamboozled” by the doctrines of the “White man”.

He wrote on his page,

“I have not seen a man with two or three wives that has been stabbed to death by any of his wife. We have had so many cases of demented sidechicks killing their boyfriends, man friends and even a man with one wife had been stabbed to death,” he said on Saturday.

“We are calling on churches to adopt polygamy to reduce the rate at which men are stabbed to death by sidechicks and wives

“We should not be bamboozled by the white men who brought Bible with one hand and sword with the other hand to Africa to preach negatively about polygamy whereas they practice polygamy nicodemusly.

“Polygamy is the way forward for Africans and it is ordained by God and our ancestors”

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