Nicki Minaj Stans Are Sending Claudia Jordan Death Threats

The Barbs flood actress Claudia Jordan’s socials with death threats following her recent comments about Nicki Minaj and Meek Mill.

Nicki Minaj’s fanbase is probably one of the most explosive and die-hard collections of fans in Hip-Hop, and probably the entire music industry. The group of stans often referred to as The Barbs has clashed with several high-profile artists and celebrities when defending their favorite rapper, from Cardi B in 2019 to more recently Doja Cat. At times, Nicki Minaj herself has even had to step in and tell her faithful fans to chill out

Yesterday, it was reported that Claudia Jordan felt embarrassed for Nicki while she was dating Meek Mill after witnessing the Philly explode on restaurant patrons taking photos of them. In light of recent 6ix9ine and Kobe Bryant-related controversies regarding Meek Mill, Jordan recalled her past impression of the Dreamchasers artist, saying that he was “emotional” and “impulsive.”

Although that may not seem like a reason for The Barbs to come for Jordan’s neck, one part of her statement rubbed Nicki Minaj fans the wrong way. While explaining her opinion about Meek, Jordan said, “It’s Nicki Minaj, the biggest rapper of all time, at the time.”

Some fans took Jordan’s last-second “at the time” qualifier as shade, so Nicki Minaj stans have subsequently flooded Jordan’s socials with nasty messages and death threats due to a perceived slight against the Pink Friday rapper.

As seen in the video above, Jordan is both alarmed and confused by The Barbs’ threats. She asserts that she wasn’t shading Nicki in her statement, saying, “So you give a compliment…they mad cause you didn’t phrase it the way THEY would in YOUR convo? Get ALL the way the F*** outta here kids.”

Hopefully, The Barbs will leave Claudia Jordan alone, but if they don’t, we may be hearing from new mother Nicki Minaj very soon.


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