‘My children are hungry, help us beg Govt’ — Policewoman, others groan as NPF keeps mum on delayed salary

Several policemen across the Nation and their family have expressed grievance over delayed payment of their November salary.

WITHIN NIGERIA learnt that the cops became more worried after the delayed payment went past one week without any form of official communication from the Nigeria Police Force (NPF) and the Federal Government to appease the policemen.

A Mobile police officer (MOPOL), identified as Gallant (a pseudonym name), confirmed the situation to WITHIN NIGERIA as he joined many others to express their concern. He said they usually receive their salary on the 27th or 28th of every month and it has been so for several years.

“It is true we didn’t receive November salary, No police officer has collected last month salary”, he said.

Gallant who is stationed in Lagos also alleged that in addition to the November salary which is yet to be paid, some Police officers on special duties are yet to receive their “allowance’ for the past 6 months.

“I’m a mobile police (MOPOL), our MOPOL that goes for special duty in Maiduguri and Yobe State, I swear to God now 6 months no allowance.

“They pay N30k for each Sergeant, Inspector gets 45k special duty allowance every month, but since June nobody has received the payment.

“We have a lot of problem in this our work, how will they send somebody from Lagos or Bayelsa State, to Maiduguri and they will not pay him anything, to pay salary is problem.

“If I tell u what we are facing in this police work u will pity us, all what I tell u is truth”. Gallant said with annoyance.

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Meanwhile, another policewoman also confirmed the situation to NATIONS EXPRESS in Abuja. She said, “I am a police sergeant serving here in Abuja ,my husband is also a police mobile officer currently in Special Duty in Operation Lafia Dole, Salary we have not been paid for the month of November.

“My children are hungry please help us beg Government to pay Nigeria Police November salary”. She said.

In a similar development, Police officers at Batsari Local Government of Katsina State on Thursday reportedly protested against their unpaid allowances. According to a Katsina based online news medium, Katsina Post, the police officers took to the streets and blocked a major road linking to Batsari market.

Soldiers eventually arrived at the scene to remove the barricade, a move that provoked the police and caused an exchange of verbal abuses before the intervention of the district head of Batsari, Alhaji Tukur Muazu Rumah.

“Yes, I am an eyewitness, they block our way when going for Batsari weekly markets, claiming that we won’t have a business today because the government has not paid them their allowances for six months,” a resident, Muhammad Wada Bakiyawa, said.

However, the state’s police spokesman, Gambo Isah, said the story was not true. “It’s fake news, disregard it, it’s not true,” Isah said mounting of the roadblock was normal in the area because of the high rate of banditry.

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