Masechaba Ndlovu is Now a Sangoma

Another one! Media personality Masechaba Ndlovu has accepted her ancestral calling and recently revealed that she is a qualified sangoma. This comes a few days after television host Luyanda Potwana also revealed that he has accepted his Ancestral calling but is currently undergoing training.

Masechaba Ndlovu

In a Facebook post, Luyanda said, “You know me as a South African television host. However, this is a side of me that is unknown to the public. My ancestral spiritual calling. After all, I am my ancestors – and my ancestors are me! I kept this away from social media, not because I was ashamed of it – I just wanted to walk the journey quietly. However it is now time to reintroduce myself.”

Now, Masechaba Ndlovu has also come out to announce that she too is a sangoma. This is not a fairly new thing as Masechaba had hinted before in 2019 that she was on an Ancestral journey. Taking to Instagram she announced that she has begun a new journey, “a fresh start isn’t a new place, it’s a new mindset.”

Following her announcement, Masechaba got dragged for sharing such a ‘sacred’ journey on social media. A follower told her that such processes are to be kept away from the public. The government spokesperson agreed with the statement and told the follower that although it is a private journey, it is not a secret. “You are right, however, just because it’s sacred does not mean it has to be a secret.

Masechaba Ndlovu

Masechaba joins other well-known celebrities who are sangomas and these include, Zola Hashatsi and Lerato Mvelase

Phelo Bala also accepted the calling but said his ancestral calling means more to him than music, “I am a sangoma; music is not my calling and I will not do it forever. Whether I have healed people through music or in my sangoma practices; my calling is in healing.

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