Man tells Reno Omokri To Join Islam-See What He Said

Man tells Reno Omokri To Join Islam-See What He Said

A man by the name Serbee’u Warawa wants Reno Omokri to become a msulim.

See what he said:-

“You’re educated and I want you to be a Muslim Inshallah.”

Reno had to reply:-

Dear Serbee’u Warawa,

Why do I have to be a Muslim? What is wrong with following Christ? Even prophet Mohammed (SAW) confirmed that he met Christ in heaven during the Night Journey (Israʾ and Miʿraj).

So, since your prophet has confirmed in your holy book and the hadiths that he met my Lord and Saviour in heaven, why would I leave following someone whose place in heaven is so sure that other religions, including yours, confirm it?

This is Someone that Quran 4:157 describes as the Messiah (Masih). Do you know What and Who the Messiah is? There are so many prophets. But only One Messiah. Why on Earth will I stop following someone that your prophet and holy book admits is the Messiah?

In the Hadiths of prophet Mohammed, the prophet said Christ will be returning to Earth a second time.

Why would I stop following Someone who is not only confirmed by your prophet and holy book as being in heaven, but who has been prophesied by prophet Mohammed to be returning.

Finally, in Quran 10:94 (Surat Yunus), prophet Mohammed is asked to clear any doubts he may have by consulting “those who have been reading the Scripture before you”, referring to followers of Christ.

Christ is what is referred to as a Sure Bet. Never, ever, ever will I leave Him. I would rather die. Thank you and may God bless you.

Man tells Reno Omokri To Join Islam-See What He Said

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