Man matches his brother the death as family cries out over gruesome murder

Man matches his brother to death as family cries out over gruesome murder.

A resident of No. 24 Mbiri Road in Ika North? East LGA of Delta State, Mr. Sunday John has on December 28, 2013 allegedly matcheted his brother, Mr. Ojuru.O Sunday to death in his farm over a land as the children cries out over the death of thier father.

It was gathered that Mr. Sunday .O John matches his brother to death as family cries out over gruesome murder. Ojuru .O Sunday left to his farm land at about 7.30am to cut some trees.He commenced work on getting there until about 12.30pm, when people around the farm land heard a sharp shout from the direction of Mr. Ojuru. O Sunday farm which prompted those around to come around to ascertain what has happened but to their dismay, they met him in the pool of his blood.

We further gathered that as they saw the lifeless body of Mr. Ojuru O. Sunday the resolved going to the Police to report the matter. But as they went, they met his brother, Mr. Sunday O John with blood stain all over his body, chanting, “Yes, I killed him. His son is next.

According to an an eye witnes who pleaded anonymous, said they ran after Mr. Sunday O John in order to get hold of him to inquire while he committed the crime, instead, he began threatening them, saying that he would also kill them the way he killed his brother, Mr. Ojuru .O Sunday if they venture come close to him, and also threatened to kill Emmanuel Onyeka whenever he set his eyes on he hence, scaring them away.

Speaking further, he noted that as they could not unravel the matter, they had to send message across to his son, Ojuru emmanuel Onyeka who was schooling at the Delta State University, Abraka to return who quickly returned home and then, took the matter to the Police.

Ojuru Emmanuel was however, asked to give report of the incident before his late father’s corpse he could be brought back for burial and therefore, enhance possible arrest of his uncle, Mr. Sunday .O John

We further gathered that all effort to arrest the suspect proved abortive.

A member of the family who also pleaded anonymous also disclosed that the suspect murder his brother as a result of land dispute which the suspect, Mr. Sunday .O John had wanted to claim by fore saying that in the heat of the matter, they had reported to the Royal Palace and the local court for possible intervention which yielded no fruitful result.

He further revealed that the suspect had on several occasions threatened to eliminate his victim and his son so as to claim full ownership of the land.

As a the time of filing this report the suspect, Mr. Sunday .O John is yet to be arrested as all effort to unravel his hideout has remained futile.



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